Well I had the day planned we were going to the playground for kid and mommy play time got canceled. Ours would have been the only kids anyway. Went for a walk which was even better as I wouldnt be sitting just on my ass. Came home soup was ready. Then on the way upstairs to change Finn BAM the headache from hell. Ok so I can nurse Finn and lay down some. It was worse when I woke up had a cup of tea hoped it would help no way soon I was in the land of throbbing and spinning and nausea. Not what I had planned. I have things to do. MLB’s to draw pictures for. Lessons to work on. Laundry to fold. Diapers to sew. Soap to list. Soap to make. Kitchens to clean. Just stuff. Not to have 8 + hours of my day literally stolen away from me.


  1. 1.Steve being home early to keep an eye on the kids while I napped.
  2. 2.Lexi being able to take Finn downstairs while Steve cooked when it was at its worst.
  3. 3.Walking with the kids for over an hour this morning.
  4. 4.Rory remembering late where we were and running in excitement that he knew where the gnome house was.
  5. 5.The life lesson Lexi learned at a price of her innocence that she is loved here unconditionally and will always be special to us.


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