Something new

Something new

So its been 5 years since I had Jack I said when I had him I was going to start walking to get back in shape UMMMM really what was I thinking December in Cape Cod in one of the worst snowy icy winters they had seen in years! Then I was sleep deprived and got lazy… then we moved to South Carolina OMG HOT!!! Then I was sooooo nauseous pregnant with Rory and my world came tumbling down there was a little while in the spring after Rory was born that Kelly and I started walking but it was never consistent enough because life just got in the way and honestly I wasn’t that committed. Then we moved to Summerville and I loved walking the neighborhood with the kids but again it was sooo leisurely and we would do it for a while then something would interrupt and that would be the end of it. So then I got pregnant again I was determined to walk and then I lost the baby and sunk into a hole. When I got pregnant with Finn I don’t think I really left the couch much for 13 weeks too scared to do much of anything then it was too hot I was too fat…

Here we are no here I am its July 2009 living in Baltimore its the morning after the first day I got off my ass. Wishing I had my stroller now not at 4pm. With 100 pounds to lose (omg how did I ever let myself get this fat). I got some great supportive Saucony running shoes and a spiffy new haircut, a couple great apps for my iphone to share it all with you as well! and for me to document it all! Well I have some hungry boys so I’m off to make breakfast for them 🙂


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