The Festival of Saint Nicholas

The Festival of Saint Nicholas

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What some of you may not know about us is that we are a homeschooling family. On December 1 each year we start telling the story of Saint Nicholas in preparation for the festival in his honor on December 6. This is a common thread if you are familiar with Waldorf education.

Tonight after dinner my children and I in our pajamas will get in our pajamas and gather round on the floor of the boys room as I will retell the same story we hear December 1 every year, the story of The Little Boy Nicholas. After we read this story with our hearts filled with hope and love  into bed they go and down to the kitchen I go. I will bake cookies for them to awake to along with 5 shiny pennies representing the cookies and coins in the story and the children who helped the little boy who could not use his legs. These cookies and coins will remind my children to be kind and helpful to each other. This year we are using this cookie recipe Haselnussmakronen as we are currently gluten free and I don’t have flour in the house and no time today to get our usual snicker doodle ingredients.

So come back tomorrow and see how we will celebrate on Day 2 of the Festival of St Nick!

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