New Year New Passion

New Year New Passion

So who knew that with 2010 and my beautiful girl turning 10 that suddenly she would have passions of her own! I’m so proud of her she is beautiful and artistic and quite possibly even crafty! More than all of that though she really wants to learn to play music, more precisely guitar. “Not Rock band guitar, Mom real guitar with strings and picks”, she tells me.

We were able to hold her off some playing Rock Band on the wii but really she wants to make music her own music not copying green, yellow, yellow, blue, red. So I want to make my baby girl happy but with 4 kids (and a birthday) all in December the January budget is always a little tight to say the least.  In order to make my baby girl happy though you get the sale of the well month at least!

I’m going to offer all of the soap of the month items 25% off (they already have free shipping) and anything else in the store 20% AND FREE SHIPPING in addition to all that greatness how about a free gift with each purchase! Just use code STRATOCASTER in the notes to seller box at check out. If you want something you don’t see listed just convo me and we will see what we can arrange!

Now what are you waiting for go shop lets get this girl a guitar! Shop Lana Bella

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One thought on “New Year New Passion

  1. We just got a guitar for my 7 year old for Xmas. He's been wanting one for 2 years now. He loves it! My brother is a really good guitar player, but he's in Pakistan most of the year. I wish he was around to give him lessons. If I get some sales this week, I'll come by to shop. Every kid needs a passion, and music is a great one to have! I'd love to be able to contribute a little something!

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