How I spent Mother's Day

How I spent Mother's Day

Woke up EXTREMELY sore from the windfest and tent holding the pervious say at Squidfire’s Art Mart, but still I wanted to go to the JFX Farmer’s Market. So even though it was only 8am I had a cup of coffee (ok I had 2) and started sending kids off to get dressed. It was cold yet bustling all those plants wanting to come home with me. Instead we got some greens, asparagus and strawberries because they were so yummy and ripe smelling.

Afterwards we headed to Lowes to finish getting rocks and dirt for the raised beds Steve and the kids had built me a few weeks earlier.

So a shopping cart and contractor’s cart later home we head. After a few hours of work where I over worked already sore muscles and this is what I ended up with. Potato bins to the left, the raised bed, and sweet potato and garlic to the right with some marigolds tossed in to hopefully protect everything.

Then on the patio table we never seem to use I have some herbs and my tea cup planter full of Red Clover and Dandelions.

My favorite part of the day was sitting with the kids and planting their seeds in their Sesame Street planters.

Jack planted Bert & Ernie Peppers, Lexi planted Oscar the Grouch Green Beans, Finn some Elmo Tomatoes and Rory the pink Abby Cadabby Pumpkins.

Steve even put some wire on the bottom of the compost bin and got that set up for me too. I’m so excited about our little garden in the city this year!

We even had our first harvest of greens for a salad to add to dinner.

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