Squidfire's Art Mart wrap up.

Squidfire's Art Mart wrap up.

HOLY WINDY BATMAN!!! I’m still sore from holding my tent down all day. I felt like i was positioned like a human version of monkey from the barrel holding onto the tent with one hand bagging, making change and assisting customers with the other. The highlights of my day were when nice customers would come in and make their partner or friend hold onto the tent so I could rest my arms. The people I encountered while holding on for dear life were great! I wish it hadn’t been so windy but at least it wasn’t cold as well.

I was looking forward to this show for quite some time to do some shopping of my own and had arranged some trades before hand and I’m so glad I did because with the wind there wasn’t really an opportunity to shop. There were so many vendors I wanted to check out with mother’s day being the next day and my birthday in only nine more days and I promise I’ve been a very good girl this year and am very deserving of little treasures.

Ever since I had gotten my book from Moonlight Bindery back as a holiday gift to myself I’ve wanted a second one. Well I couldn’t decide between my two choices so I got them both aren’t they beautiful!

handbound books for every occasion

Next up I wanted a wallet to go with the new purses I got off etsy a couple months ago. There I was one day killing time on twitter and along comes an etsy listing from See Katie Sew well I wanted one so a convo was made. I also treated myself to a little head band which I love! But the wallet was AWESOME for use at the Farmer’s market on sunday because I can use the key ring to hook it to the spot in my purse intended to hold keys so no worries about dropping it because its attached!

See Katie Sew Wallet and Headband

Last but not least I splurged on yet another little pouch (ask how my husband rolled his eyes at me when he saw) from fellow BEST member JennyJen42. I have no idea yet what purpose it will have but it is so cute I just needed it!

JennyJen42 pouch

Ok there was one other purchase made but it wasn’t for me it was for a little girl’s upcoming 11th birthday however her pink loving little brother found it today as I was unpacking from the show and claimed it for himself. Meet Rory and Grace his newest friend from the celebrity in my children’s eyes Cutesy but not Cutesy


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