I have to admit it I’m probably the worst blogger you will encounter. I have these grand ideas of the types of content I want to post, the way I want the site/blog to look, the comments I’ll enjoy reading and then that feeling sets in. You know the one where you panic that what you write won’t be interesting, grammatically correct, will most likely have at least one totally embarrassing typo that spellcheck didn’t pick up because it is spelled correctly just not the word I was attempting, and that people will judge that you are some ill-literate poser who has no idea what she is actually doing. And you know what I think I’m mostly ok with that now.

I’m human. I am a busy and sometimes lazy neurotic mother with FOUR small children at home three of who I will be homeschooling this year. I make soap. I am passionate about my beliefs even if they may seem wrong or over the top. I’m exhausted. I believe things that many won’t agree with but they are my beliefs and I’m done with trying to keep things in their little boxes. So you will see more and more of my personal side coming through here and maybe you will like it, maybe you will agree or disagree, and maybe just maybe you will learn something or be enlightened.

Things have been crazy hectic here since mid July when Lexi went north for the summer I apologize for slow shipping and delayed emails and general forgetfulness. We have had summer colds & stomach bugs and well I’m an anxiety ridden mess most days. I’m working on getting my house/family back on track so that it will also help get the business back on track with some new stuff coming this fall.

Thanks for all your support.

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