Counting Down…

Counting Down…

lexi and finn

Its been a long long summer here at our home made to feel even longer by having Lexi my 11 year old daughter gone for most of it. I didn’t realize/took for granted how much her young girl hands helped both our family and the business to run smoother. It is often Lexi who pulls the products for your orders in a timely fashion because its not as easy to do with a 6, 4 and 1 1/2 year old as one might think. She also helps keep inventory of products so I don’t accidentally run out on something popular or make something only I like. Don’t worry I’m not running a sweat shop it was something we agreed to as part of homeschooling this past year and she gets paid in both craft and money.

The good news is she will be home August 23! I’m so excited so much has changed in our home while she has been gone I’ve been on an organizing, decluttering frenzy. I really can’t wait for her to get home to start school again. There is so much I have planned for this fall sewing, baking, crafting, painting, photography and we will be continuing with the theme of prairie life as well.

In order to spend more time with my family though after the whirlwind spring season I’ll be taking on a lighter load of a fall schedule show wise though because I really missed them. To offset this I’ll be offering more discounts in my Etsy shop.

HOMECOMING SALE 8/16 through 12:01 am EST 8/23 10% off all orders AND buy more save more BUY 5 get one FREE feel free to mix and match you will just get your lowest priced item free don’t forget to tell me HOMECOMING in the note to seller box on Etsy for the discounts I will refund discounts & free items though paypal.

Hey what are you still doing here SHOP NOW!

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