It's Holiday Time!

It's Holiday Time!

WOW. I’ve been preparing for what seems like weeks in preparation for Thanksgiving weekend and the sales and show and still I feel totally behind. I’m so glad I took yesterday to get everything made but our turkey taking time to bake with my kids. Rory pie filling
Today while we spent the holiday relaxed at home in our jammies watching movies and snuggling I had my macbook on my lap most of the day while I updated photos and added about 75 items to the etsy shop. I had wanted to finally finish getting all the items over here to the shop as well but after all day of editing this is about all I have left.  Though I might sneak another piece of  pecan pie but shhh don’t tell ok.

I’m not doing a huge Black Friday Sale because everything has been on sale for about a month now. I will however offer you my faithful readers a coupon code TURKEYHANGOVER for 13% off Lana Bella Etsy Shop thru Monday 11/29

As always if you want more than one of something CONVO me I’ll do my best to answer promptly but it will be a busy weekend!

If you are local don’t forget to come out to BAZAART and see the new wonders in person.

I think I’m going to skip that pie and head straight to bed!


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