Changes in Latitude

Changes in Latitude


Baltimore Snow 2009
Baltimore Snow 2009

It was an ordinary Friday in mid February I was planning for what would be our last summer in Baltimore. Trips to the zoo, the aquarium, renewing our membership to the Science Center. Planning our garden, my craft show schedule, day dreaming. The phone rang it was my husband he told me he sent me an email and go check it and got off the phone. I assumed it was one of his weird jokes that he thinks is hysterical but I wouldn’t (we have very differing ideas on what is humorous) or some bit of news from I was wrong. It was an email from his detailer (the guy in the military who assigns the jobs) telling us that because Steve was making Chief (E7) he (we) would be being relocated THIS year, and to rank the following jobs (places) in order 1-4 of where to go.


WHAT?!?!? Are you kidding me just a week or so ago we had been told that we were going to be here in Baltimore til spring 2012. The four choices were NOT even on my radar of places to go matter of fact 3 of them were on our list of places to avoid prior to this email.


We ranked our choices freaked out about them all. Waited. Stressed. Then one morning I woke up crying. I texted Steve that I had a nightmare he was going to Key West (meaning he was going to be attached to a ship again). He said he hadn’t heard a thing yet. A couple hours later he texted and said I was right that he was setting assigned Key West.

This means the kids and I are moving to MIAMI.

Miami?!? Yes. Key West is WAY out of our price range to live in a house that will be big enough for our four kids (since then we have also invited my oldest daughter to move with us after she graduates high school in June) and my growing business. Also I just think if faced with an evacuation I’d prefer to already be back on the mainland vs out on the islands. There is just more for the kids and I to do in Miami than Key West honestly. This has its downsides as well though, we won’t see Steve as much when he is home. In South Carolina for the most part when the boat was in port he was home every night. We won’t have that in Florida. With 3+ hours we will have to see him on the weekends when they are home and really make the most of it.


House hunting is bittersweet. I find great possible homes, homes to continue to nourish our family, homes that will never truly  be Steve’s home. On the flip side Brenna (my oldest daughter) is most likely coming to live with us. This makes me soooo very excited as well as the other kids too!


For Lana Bella this also means that other than the few shows I’ll be doing before the move there will probably be a hiatus due to deployment schedules. The irony of this is this winter while I was on my break (mostly due to burn out and illness) I was pondering do I go with another year of whirlwind shows and business growth or do I slow down to spend more quality time with my family? In a way I’ll be doing both. I won’t be doing shows, instead I’ll be focusing with online sales and trying to get my products in some shops and working the wholesale thing.

There has been a variety of emotions through this, still is because I’m still house hunting, still trying to help my daughter Brenna decide what/where she is living and doing for school next year, and trying to figure out homeschool laws in Florida and find some support groups.

So at sometime around the beginning of June my family and I will be saying good bye to Baltimore a year earlier than expected and setting out for a new adventure in the Miami area.

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