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Month: April 2011

It’s time for – Highlandtown Wine Fest!

It’s time for – Highlandtown Wine Fest!

I have to say this was one of my favorite shows last year! I had a GREAT time, between the wine and the lovely gal in the booth next door. This year its bittersweet for me. Its my only Spring Baltimore City event.

The Highlandtown Wine Festival Committee and Di Pasquale’s Italian Market are gearing up the 8th annual Highlandtown Wine Festival — celebrating the tradition of home winemaking. As usual the event will be held at Our Lady of Pompei Convent Garden on Father Petti Lane (around the corner from Claremont & Conkling Streets). The festival will feature a Homemade Wine Competition, Wine Tastings, a Bocce Tournament, plenty of food and music.

To purchase advanced tickets on-line go to

Now for the fun stuff! Come on by have some wine and check out the wares of my BEST friends.


What better for a May Day event than a beautiful fairy crown by Designs by Night
Let's continue our enchanted look with this apple green necklace from Jersey Girl Designs
Of course we will also need to know what time to begin the festivities so we can wear this lovely watch from Atelier Adornments
Back at home where things are simpler we can gaze upon this cute mason jar print from Open Eyes Press
Unwind with a relaxing bath with my very own Relaxing bath salts
Pair that bath with some exfoliation and body oil from Becca and Mars

See you sunday from 1-6 in Highlandtown!


It’s time for – The Fenton Street Market

It’s time for – The Fenton Street Market

Yes it’s that time of the year again when you can stroll along in Silver Spring from the Farmer’s Market and head across the street get yourself a made to order crepe or a bag of fresh donuts and shop from some of the area’s indie crafters. Yes I will be there on Saturday 4/30 with some of my old & new BEST friends  Namoo, Sugar Paperie, Becca and Mars, and Fuzzy Mug.

Here is a sampling of things you might find from each of them!  Go ahead and click on their pictures and shop their lovely wares.

Having a boy who has been OBSESSED with orange for as long as I can remember this quilt is so hard to resist.
Sweet little personalized cards would be a great gift for any girl!
Lemon and Ginger one of my favorite scent combos! I may just have to treat myself to some of this on Saturday!
Who doesn't love roosters? Flour sack towels are the BEST!

So come on down Saturday from 9-3 on the corner of Fenton St & Ellsworth drive!






Crossing my fingers & holding my breath

Crossing my fingers & holding my breath

Today has been insanely hectic. I had plans for a great cute post this morning that will now wait til another day. Today has been a day of back and forth emails between my realtor and I putting in an offer for what could be (crossing fingers) our new home. I’m getting to that point in time where I need to know where my family will be living. I just need to have that checked off my list. I need to plan to dream. I need to sit by this pool and unwind.


poolside view


Its been one of those hurry up, hope you still have enough ink left to print the pages, sign them, scan them, forward them to your husband, call him like you are a crazed lunatic to tell him to sign them, get them back forward it all on to the realtor and wait. Wait for the next email, some tidbit of info, some change. Rinse & repeat.

In between all of that I’ve had a 5 yo who is screaming out of his skin (jelly bellies what was I thinking) annoyed at everyone. A 7 yo who is taking the opportunity with the 5yo to wind him up just a little bit further. Failing at any train of thought. Checking real estate listing of house to look at pictures for the 84,000 time to see if I can see any thing different. Label 100 lipbalms, make 50 more. Blend teas. Face palm about forgetting to pour candles. Now I’m sitting here trying to get my anxiety all back under control.  Cup of tea done I suppose I should go back to packing orders!

My favorite shops – Mrs Jones Soapbox

My favorite shops – Mrs Jones Soapbox

Right now one of the shops I just keep going back to is Mrs Jones Soapbox. The thing that drew me into the shop first and for most is the packaging. I love simple clean packaging. It’s what I’ve been trying to achieve with Lana Bella from the beginning. After seeing this I still have a way to go! Even the kids got excited when I was unwrapping the bottles when they arrived. Then the battles started who would get to use what and where. Like a good mom I didn’t want to hinder their new-found fun of cleaning so handing them some cleaning rags and encouragement off they went. I found this lovely little shop believe it or not from doing my heartsy deal a couple of weeks back, I was voting on other deals when I stumbled across this and immediately favorited a few items.


Well just my luck a few days after mine her deal went live! I purchased the Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Kit.


Mrs Jones Soapbox - Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Kit


Even better you can order them in GLASS or plastic bottles for the same price! Also look how amazingly cute the back of the bottles are with their vinyl chalkboard labels.


Bottle backs with write on chalk board labels


When its time to reorder or even if you have plenty of your own bottles at home to use you can order a spiffy little refill pack. She even repurposes drinking water bottles!


Isn't this just the best little eco idea?

What are you waiting for go! Buy yourself some of these great cleaning products. Oh and one more thing for all my scent sensitive friends while these do use essential oil they are NOT overly scented like some products can be. They smell just enough so you sigh to yourself and take a deep breath and think of your self barefoot in the sunshine with a slight breeze that captures a whiff of something while you continue to take those warm crisp clean white towels off the line.


I did it!

I did it!

His & Hers Gift Set

For the past couple days I have been having a battle of all battles with wordpress. I’ve trialed 3 different themes. The current one is still not exactly what I want but it does give me the most shopping cart integration so far. I miss some of the blogging features and widgets of other themes but I really needed that shopping cart to work well and this has the best individual product page layout.

This is what I’ve been planning for a few days and was up working on until 2am last night. A giveaway! TWO lucky people will win a free gift set as shown above. Including 2 bars of soap Orion & Artemis, 2 travel size deodorants in Eros & Psyche, a small unscented whipped body butter and Eostra Aromatherapy perfume roll on. All this is a $35 value!  The terms FIRST you must either “Like” Lana Bella on Facebook or join our mailing list scroll down below the icons. If you already are easy peasy for you one less step for you! Lastly you just need to comment on this post! Thats right thats it just tell me you want to win!

Oh one other little bonus is if you want to shop now you can! Just click that little shop now button and it brings you to the shop you can even order multiple items at once without having to ask me about it. A little treat if you use coupon code HISHERS you can take 25% off and the other fun feature is that the shipping weights of products are in the cart so you can pick your shipping in real time!  This code is ONLY applicable here not etsy or artfire!

Have fun and share with your friends.

UPDATE: The contest will run until 11:59 pm PST on 4/30 the kids will pick a winner 5/2 as I will be at a show on 5/1 thanks!

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