Changes afoot.

Changes afoot.

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time, contemplating, pondering, procrastinating. Each time we move I alter our lives just a little bit further becoming more and more natural. Eliminating plastic, parabens, SLS, changing our house hold cleaning products, food, buying choices. I really should blog more about the changes my family has made to have a softer footprint over the last 8 years.

I will be in the future discontinuing all of the products with fragrance oils. Yes there I said it. I know some of you will be disappointed (including my darling husband) but its been something thats been weighing more and more heavily with each spurt of soap making I go through. To be honest they are affecting my health. I have to strategically plan my soap making days now so I can make these soaps all back to back all in the same day and at the end of making everything else because once I do I have a migraine and some loss of word retrieval. With our move my husband will not be living with us on a regular basis because he will be again attached to a boat and deployed often and I just can’t take those 2 days of downtime away from my children to continue on a regular basis any longer.

This will be gradual. I will exhaust my current inventory of the fragrance oils and I will let you know when the final batches will be coming. On request you MAY be able to talk me into making you an entire batch (15 bars) it will take a minimum of 6 weeks to get it to you so plan accordingly because I will have to special order the fragrance for your batch.

Scents being discontinued and the approximate batch # before they are gone:

Moroccan fig 3-4

Ginger Fish 1-2

Southern Sweet Tea 1-2

Black amber Lavender 2-3

Dragon’s Blood 1-2 (I may have an alternative for this)

Beau Brummel 2-3

Vetyver 2-3

Tomato Leaf 2-3

Pumice Mint Nag Champa 2-3

Graceful Baby 1-2

Thank you for your understanding. Because of these changes you will also see in probably June where you can buy a FULL batch of soap at an incredible price and it won’t just be these it will be ALL of the scents I offer!

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5 thoughts on “Changes afoot.

  1. Its funny how 7 years ago thats where I wanted to head and then got asked about a few and they snuck in then more snuck in and now I just need to head back towards my roots.

  2. Mom and I had this discussion the other day. It’s where I want to be. She doesn’t quite get it. She’s not quite sure the difference between FO and EO. So I started calling it the “synthetic fragrances” Hoping to stick with the pure EO’s from now on.

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