Crossing my fingers & holding my breath

Crossing my fingers & holding my breath

Today has been insanely hectic. I had plans for a great cute post this morning that will now wait til another day. Today has been a day of back and forth emails between my realtor and I putting in an offer for what could be (crossing fingers) our new home. I’m getting to that point in time where I need to know where my family will be living. I just need to have that checked off my list. I need to plan to dream. I need to sit by this pool and unwind.


poolside view


Its been one of those hurry up, hope you still have enough ink left to print the pages, sign them, scan them, forward them to your husband, call him like you are a crazed lunatic to tell him to sign them, get them back forward it all on to the realtor and wait. Wait for the next email, some tidbit of info, some change. Rinse & repeat.

In between all of that I’ve had a 5 yo who is screaming out of his skin (jelly bellies what was I thinking) annoyed at everyone. A 7 yo who is taking the opportunity with the 5yo to wind him up just a little bit further. Failing at any train of thought. Checking real estate listing of house to look at pictures for the 84,000 time to see if I can see any thing different. Label 100 lipbalms, make 50 more. Blend teas. Face palm about forgetting to pour candles. Now I’m sitting here trying to get my anxiety all back under control.  Cup of tea done I suppose I should go back to packing orders!

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