My favorite shops – Mrs Jones Soapbox

My favorite shops – Mrs Jones Soapbox

Right now one of the shops I just keep going back to is Mrs Jones Soapbox. The thing that drew me into the shop first and for most is the packaging. I love simple clean packaging. It’s what I’ve been trying to achieve with Lana Bella from the beginning. After seeing this I still have a way to go! Even the kids got excited when I was unwrapping the bottles when they arrived. Then the battles started who would get to use what and where. Like a good mom I didn’t want to hinder their new-found fun of cleaning so handing them some cleaning rags and encouragement off they went. I found this lovely little shop believe it or not from doing my heartsy deal a couple of weeks back, I was voting on other deals when I stumbled across this and immediately favorited a few items.


Well just my luck a few days after mine her deal went live! I purchased the Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Kit.


Mrs Jones Soapbox - Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Kit


Even better you can order them in GLASS or plastic bottles for the same price! Also look how amazingly cute the back of the bottles are with their vinyl chalkboard labels.


Bottle backs with write on chalk board labels


When its time to reorder or even if you have plenty of your own bottles at home to use you can order a spiffy little refill pack. She even repurposesĀ drinking water bottles!


Isn't this just the best little eco idea?

What are you waiting for go! Buy yourself some of these great cleaning products. Oh and one more thing for all my scent sensitive friends while these do use essential oil they are NOT overly scented like some products can be. They smell just enough so you sigh to yourself and take a deep breath and think of your self barefoot in the sunshine with a slight breeze that captures a whiff of something while you continue to take those warm crisp clean white towels off the line.


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  1. Awww, shucks! I’m blushing! Thank you so much, Jenni. This product line is my absolute passion in life and I really believe choosing non-toxic cleaning products can make a difference in our world. It’s a blessing to find wonderful fans like you that help me spread the word. Happy cleaning!

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