My favorite shops – Simple Shapes

My favorite shops – Simple Shapes

It is no secret by now that we are moving to Miami in a few short weeks. Recently I had about 300 prints made at costco because I had purchased a couple cameras and accessories so I had coupons for free prints, so print I did or at least had done. We can not afford a zillion frames so I was thinking how to display them I have a few other ideas but then I stumbled across this cute little etsy shop called Simple Shapes. PERFECT!

Here are a few of the items on my must buy when I get to Miami (in eek just 4 weeks from now) because I don’t want them to get mixed up during the move and ship to the wrong place or ruined by movers.

Ok ok I know its not a picture frame but I think I need this chalkboard calendar in my new office space!

Fancy right! With some removable glue dots I’ll be good to go!

These are the ones I think I want in our new learning area. I want to see too if they can make them bigger can’t you just imagine them with kids artwork in them? I can.


Ok again not a picture frame but our learning area is a combo room with the formal dining room (or in our case every day dining because there are so many of us) which happens to have a wall of mirrors along one wall. I have little kids can you see the finger prints and smudges to help me not go crazy I’m thinking a few of these along the wall in COLOR to break it up some!


So there you have it some things I have not yet purchased but honestly can hardly wait to!

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