The new house. Dining and the learning/play room.

The new house. Dining and the learning/play room.

Ok I’ve taken a gazillion pictures of the new house. We are still unpacking and working things out but this is were we are at so far. I’ll go room by room over the next few days showing you all we have done.

We were pretty lucky in this adventure to have the use of the giant garage to store our boxes and so much of our stuff so the rooms were really empty while we painted. The rooms are in no way done they still need curtains but I’m taking my time and pondering what I want for them, and deciding on the decorative touches to complete things.  We also started with REALLY blank canvases like all white ceiling to trim.

This is a really big room for us. Its about the size of our entire first floor in our baltimore house, maybe not quite as long but about 1.5 times as wide and the natural light is AMAZING!

This is a picture of the play/learning area of the room though it was all white when we got here.

I know small picture, and yes that is an entire wall of mirrors.


Are you ready for the after. I am stunned on the change a little paint can’t make honestly. I’ve painted before but it was already after things were moved in or fairly settled before not as the main part of the transformation process.

The kids “genius bar”, the train table and toy storage. A small glimpse of the new craft table in the far left.

The other side of the room showing the train table, toy storage and the now unused coat rack. You can also see the front door & Finn’s car seat waiting to be installed in the suburban. There is that craft table again this time to the right.

BOOKS! To utilize space and cover up some of those mirrors we put the book shelves there. Yes you do actually see there of the 4×4 ikea expedit shelves there, and yes they are mostly full. Our dining table to the left and the craft table to the right.

The other angle you see the dining table to the right and on the opposite wall you see the 3 hanging wires for artwork, cards, pictures anything the kids hang really. You also see the two places that now need to be sanded and repainted because Rory & Finn tried to use one of the wires as a zipline. You also get a teeny glimpse into the kitchen & family room from here.

For the sake of having one picture from the same place as the original here you have it. You can see the craft table and Rory’s nest (papasan chair) from here. For perspective I was backed up to the train table taking this picture. There will be enough room for all the kids to sit at both craft and computer tables. They are currently short one bench because ikea has been out of stock.

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into our living spaces. Oh the paint! I almost forgot the color is Chartreuse by sherwin williams custom tinted at 50%.

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2 thoughts on “The new house. Dining and the learning/play room.

  1. Thank you so much. We are mostly glowing at how light and bright this house is! That room sure has a lot of time spent in it though.

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