The new house. Family and Kitchen

The new house. Family and Kitchen

The other major living area on the 1st floor is the kitchen/family room. Like the dining area its also located on the back of the house away from street noise (HA) and with two huge slider or window/door combos looking out onto the patio offers me the ability of sitting here on the couch writing this post while still being able to glance over at the boys trying to catch lizards.


Ok another combo room we will start with the before of the kitchen & family room. Note again the family room was the same white as everything else was.


I went with sherwin williams heart of palm in here for the entire space and couldn’t be more delighted in how the color changes through out the day.

Ignore the clutter on the fridge we are still getting settled.  You can see the door to the TINY pantry to the left of the fridge and some of my vintage aprons hanging on the wall.

The rest of the kitchen because of the big open area that I’m standing in to take the picture it seems so much roomier than it is. The layout is different than what I’ve had ever before and in the right corner next to the stove is one of those big cabinets to hell. You know those ones that have a teeny opening but go all the way back to the wall. The sinks are also a bit shallow for what I’d like but all in all I like it. Most of the kitchen was painted by me with a 1 1/2 inch brush too because there really wasn’t much to paint.

From the family room into the kitchen you can see the big open area near the slider and the fridge.  Also the pictures were taken before Steve left but he was packing so thats his macbook bag there on the couch.

From the kitchen. With so many more of us now we added the old day bed into the mix for extra sitting and possible guest visiting.  Its still amusing to see how much spare space we have in the shelves here now because so much of all of our storage was over taken by the business before the move. The entire right side was shipping supplies, paper, ink, labels for products, etc. Now its magazines and some odds & ends for now.

The day bed. This is also the bedding I picked for Lexi a few summers ago when she was visiting her dad. The green of the sheets/quite are really similar to the wall paint at points of the day.


So there you have it. Now you have seen all of our main living areas. I’ll finish up with the 1st floor tomorrow. Then maybe a pause to finish up the series about Lexi’s quilt.


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