The new house. the office aka Lana Bella HQ

The new house. the office aka Lana Bella HQ

Ok so you probably want to see where I’m working from these days! It has been a messy work in progress while I worked around unpacked boxes. Made more hectic by the 450 individual containers of salves and 300 lip balms all made & labeled by me in the past 10 days while managing FIVE children, 2 dogs and a cat. Before you say it I’m not super woman. Honestly I’m struggling with time for everything and quite often feel like I am suffocating. Finally just this afternoon was it finally together enough to be presentable and not something to be ashamed of for not getting to yet.


Like everywhere else in the house it was a blank slate all white walls except where their were mirrors. Unlike in the dining room I didn’t hide them in here its the darkest room of the house and they bounce light. There is also no before picture so think boring and white.

This is the view pretty much when coming in. Did I mention there are french doors leading to my office. I love that when open they allow me just a little extra feeling of being with the kids while they are just down the hall in their play room. Its a dreary day today so it looks dark in here but the wall color in here is sherwin williams springtime. I think like in our bedroom I may need to add a second coat, but for now I’m living with it.

On the right when you walk in you can see orders being pulled on top of the shelves. The bins are full of salves & balms, prebagged teas, body butters and deodorants.  So I guess its the mini ship center.

My still a little cluttered desk is straight ahead,  with the postal scale & printer there on the right and  a fresh cup of coffee thanks to lexi.

To the left are the drawers of soap and packaging supplies. Note the weird mirrors. On the dresser I’m listening to some pandora and working on some aromatherapy roll ons!

Finishing up the tour is the closet that is on the same wall as the entry door. You can see jars of herbs and essential oils and misc raw materials and bulk product already made.


There you have it the new HQ of Lana Bella. I’m really grateful I got almost of my artscape prep done before the move now because it really is allowing me the time to enjoy the pool.

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