New Missions… or Same mission with a new FLAIR!

New Missions… or Same mission with a new FLAIR!

I’ve been trying to get 2 of the older kids to blog daily for a multitude of reasons, I thought it was only fair if I really started practicing what I preach. On Thursdays the theme’s will change but I’ll be attempting a new series if you will I hope it will let you into a little more of what things are like being the head crafters of Lana Bella.


My mission for Lana Bella is to not only live in a cleaner world with fewer contaminates but to share my love of the “green” with others. It is one of the reasons why I’ve discontinued some products though you will probably still be able to get your hands on them thru the holidays as I use up the last of the fragrances. I want to not only tell my children to live cleaner with a smaller footprint but to SHOW them that I am making the same effort.


I create artisanal herbal teas, herbal salves/balms, cold-process soaps, bath soaks, and scrubs. My products are all based on sound herbal and aromatherapeutic art and science using organic herbs and botanical essences.

Inspired by my love and respect for nature I am making an effort to use less  packaging for a smaller footprint.

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3 thoughts on “New Missions… or Same mission with a new FLAIR!

  1. You should make friends wth people who eat junk-food – pre-packaged granola bar and cerial boxes make great unprocessed recycled shipping containers.

    1. My kids use all those boxes in their own crafts! Shipping stuff isn’t the issue it to package them for wholesale when even though I love fancy packaging I also know that it just ends up in the trash! Its why I switched to all glass bottles even though they are more expensive because I *hope* they get reused.

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