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Month: July 2011

Getting back in the groove.

Getting back in the groove.

Things have been quiet here I know! With the prep getting ready for Artscape then the EARLY flight home and inevitable “artscape hangover” I’ve been quiet. That however doesn’t mean my little wheel of ideas hasn’t been waking me up in the middle of the night like today for instance I’ve been up since 4:30 am because I had a brilliant idea, and yet since about 10:30 all I’ve wanted was a nap! I met some WONDERFUL people at Artscape thanks for sharing your stories with me.

Get yourself ready for a big sale in the next couple weeks as I inventory everything and start getting ready for the fall! Ok who am I kidding you can place orders here and on Etsy with code  lazysummer to get free shipping until July 31!

The New house… Vinyl Wall Art

The New house… Vinyl Wall Art

I’ve often looked at friends and on Etsy at the decorative vinyl wall art and thought someday.  Well that day has come! I still have a few more things I want to get and will when I finish painting the entry or finish deciding just what I want to put where for now I love the difference its made it all looks so much better than I had imagined.

In the office. Something inspirational to keep me going!

Close up of the one in the office. The camera still doesn’t do this paint color justice.

Something inspirational for my unschooling kids to remind them that they can and be anything.  Yes they are all sitting tofether playing world of warcraft or in the midst of logging on in Rory’s case.

Close up of the quote above the imacs. This room is NOT that green! I love it every time I’ve walked past it since putting it up I’ve smiled.

A reminder to where we are on our path right now. I also apparently really need to clean the glass.

Close up of the one over the doors.

Chalkboard letters for the kids to trace. Jack and Finn broke them in as you can see.

I think my favorite part is the zero how it seems to be falling off the wall.

Quote in the family room.

Just a reminder in the downstairs bathroom. Some of the kids seem to think its less of an option than I’d like.

A little more reminding upstairs in the boy’s bathroom.

There are also some cute little circles on the boy’s mirror to tie into the decor going on in there.

Something inspiring in the boys room where they can all see it and I didn’t have to climb on a bunk bed to place.

Close up in the boys room.

So there you have it me making this a little more ours. I still have a huge surprise for in Lexi’s room but that is all I was able to get hung today!

P.S. If you want some wall art like this made by my friend Wendy Please contact here she LOVES the custom work!

Contact Wendy

Wendy would love to hear from you about Vinyl Wall Art! Please fill out this form and she will get in touch with you shortly.
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Freaking out… aka OMG Artscape

Freaking out… aka OMG Artscape

So I’m really freaking out. I have to have the rest of my artscape stuff ready by Monday in order to ship to Baltimore in time. The house is well its been raining all week. I’m nervous about leaving all five kids with my sister from Thursday to Monday. My baby… my not quite a baby has never been by my side for longer than a few hours and has never slept away from me for an entire night never mind 1500 miles away. I still have orders to ship. I need to breathe!

In other news I’ll have a few new things I’ll be unveiling at artscape like Natty Boh soap, and my new Miami Mojito Lip Balm among others.  Stop by booth C07 and check it out with my BEST buddy booth mate Designs by Night

Not quite a baby anymore.

Not quite a baby anymore.

Yes I know it’s 3:30 am. Yes I know that makes this a little crazy, but, I didn’t want this moment to get lost in life.


There my baby. It’s his status being the last born. Its what I still often think of him of even though he is now older than his brothers were when their next youngest sibling came along. Fill loves to hug & he’s at that age at about 2.5 where he hugs with his whole body you can feel it & it’s wonderful. Just a minute ago I was the recipient of such a hug.

Me: that was a great hug. Who gives the best hugs?
Finn: me, lud (love) you mom.
Me: *laughing* yes you Finn. Your not a baby any more are you?
Finn: no me big boy now. Pie baby. He princess danceur.

What’s really running through my head is WHAT? ME? Not tinn (his mis pronunciation of Finn most often not just tinn but tinn-tinn) not third person but first person me. It continues.

Me: I stinky. I need to shower tomorrow. (I unpacked somewhere around 15+ boxes today, did 6 loads of laundry, made bath salts, elderberry syrup & cleaned the kitchen today I worked hard & was too tired before bed honestly.)
Finn: yes stinky ewww gross mom. Me stinky also. Tinn shower you morrow mom? Lud you. Me sleep night night.

And he cozied back down to go back to sleep. He grows up too fast.


His shirt says it all: that’s how I roll. How true. I just wish it could slow down some.


Quilting Adventures… Lexi’s quilt

Quilting Adventures… Lexi’s quilt

Ok so last I updated you on the progress I showed you all the darling little dresses all embroidered up. Well most of the dresses anyway. So the next step in the adventure was to piece together the other blocks that would be surrounding the quilt. But to do that and figure it out I needed a plan. I had been looking at finished quilts on etsy and found a few I liked now to make it work with my dress squares. So I got out some graphing paper and designed a quilt.

Right I know exactly what you are thinking is she insane. and in hindsight I think I was a little. To go from making a quilt to designing a quilt on the fly was a lot, when it got really tricky was when I lost the plan midway through piecing the quilt together and forgot I had taken this very picture which would have saved me SOOOO much time!

So I decided I didn’t want just charm square in most of the blocks I needed to cut them in half and piece 4 of them together.

There you can see pairs of them pieced together. The more I played with them the more I fell in love with the Bliss palate.

Then I sewed the pairs together.

And then I had to sew boarders onto the long sides.

Next I laid everything out according to the drawing which somehow also went missing around this time. I don’t have any pictures of this step somehow.

The last step I had to do was to piece all the blocks & rows together. There was an audible sigh of relief at my house when this was finished. Then off the quilt top went to the lovely Tarabu (her etsy shop)  to be finished up. Hey I know my limitations.

We continued on packing moving unpacking and then one day a package arrived for miss Lexi.

So I ran up to her room with it and made her bed then I stood in the corner to get her picture when she saw it! Notice the excitement on the smidge of Rory you see on the edge.

Then she started petting the squares reminiscing about all the dresses.

There it is on her bed isn’t it AMAZING! Many many thanks to Ann Miller, Gigi, Mom, Tracy & Laura for helping to embroider the dresses,  Tasha for designing the lovely dresses to begin with, Tarabu for the most AMAZING job on finishing the quilt, and most of all Lexi for inspiring the quilt to begin with. I love you and the person you are!

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