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Month: August 2011

New Small Body Butter Jars

New Small Body Butter Jars

I’ve been waiting patiently since December when I started getting low on my stash of the cobalt blue glass jars I use in my body butters to come back in stock. THREE different suppliers have told me they would be in as early as this past March so I waited… and waited… and waited some more. Recently I’ve been told there is an industry wide shortage and they don’t know when they will be back in stock. I can find them at one place but they are 3 times more than I’ve been paying for them and if I bought them the price on the body butters would more than double while the size stayed exactly the same. That was not ok for me. So I’ve been debating what to switch them to while secretly still hoping they would get the beautiful blue back in.


Today after the orders were shipped I had to make up some new body butters in the new jars that arrived just yesterday to finish filling orders. Here is how they turned out.

Not too bad if you ask me. These jars are shorter than the old blue ones but larger.

The bonus for you is they hold about 50% more product!

They are really growing on me. Eventually the large body butters will be in their large counter parts but I still have a few of them left.

What do you think?

Why I’ve been so quiet

Why I’ve been so quiet

So as I had posted previously I had run a second Heartsy deal to try and offset the oversupply I had from Artscape. In about 48 hours I had around 135 orders between Heartsy and my regular orders. This is the second and smaller batch of orders awaiting pickup. I still have about 20 more to package up right after I finish this cup of coffee that will get me through the day and I’ll be totally caught up and thinking about the fall line.

The cute toddler however does stay here. For counting sake there are 53 packages on the table labeled and ready to go.

So what would you like to see while I’m finishing up the fall line?

While I’m at it what do you want to see in the Winter line?

Wednesday Wishes

Wednesday Wishes

I have to honestly say a major wish of mine has come true. We have all six of our kids living full time in our house. The last of our kids to come live with us was my oldest daughter Brenna, who arrived Monday afternoon.

Meet Brenna.

This post can be a bit of a “Two For” you get to meet Brenna AND you get to continue the house tour with her room.

Little has been shown of this room til now mainly because it was only painted in her choice of color Sherwin Williams Free Spirit , and had a bed thats it.

After a quick trip to the neighborhood big box store to get some bedding I think its cute. Not that it would matter what I thought her being 18 and all.

The view from just inside the doorway. That quilt hanging at the foot of her bed I made that when I was all of 17.

From the corner next to her bed. I guess I should have closed her door there to the right for the sake of the pictures but  didn’t think about it til now.

Here is the view from her closet. Its hard to imagine that less than a week ago this room was totally an empty blank canvas.

This is the little surprise that Brenna brought along with her. She really is a sweet little kitty and Finn loves that she is mini sized & he can carry her about.

What wishes do you have?

Recipe … Red Beans & Rice

Recipe … Red Beans & Rice

In keeping with sharing our menu for the month last Monday I’ll share one of our recipes with you today, or at least the way I mostly do it anyway. I tend to improvise in the kitchen a lot. I also had intended in getting lots of step by step instructions for the recipe but honestly Lexi & Aidan did most of the prep work while I showered, changed sheets and other household stuff getting ready for the hubby to come home! Also some of the amounts might be a little odd as I eyeball it and adjust while I’m making it because I’m cooking for such a large family.


3 tbs oil

1 large onion chopped

1 1/2 c chopped celery (or whatever is left in your fridge that your kids haven’t snacked on)

4 cloves garlic minced

2 bell peppers chopped (or whatever makes it in the pot due to snacking kids)

1lb kielbasa or other smoked sausage

1-2 c diced/chopped leftover ham or pork pieces (optional but so yummy)


2 ham hocks

4 cans rinsed & drained red beans (I usually just soak beans & eyeball enough to feed people images show cannellini beans because thats what I had)

1 tbs thyme

1 tbs parsley

pinch paprika

3 bay leaves

2-4 c chicken broth

salt & pepper to taste

1 lb dices/chopped leftover ham pieces


Sauté everything above the ~~~ until browned. When that’s done add all the remaining ingredients. Simmer slowly for an additional 2-4 hours. I usually cover it but that just because balls and airplanes tend to go flying at my house and I don’t feel like picking them out. When its about time to eat make up some rice using whatever way you like to cook it we usually need about 4 cups uncooked rice here in order to have some for leftovers the next day. Trust me you will want leftovers the next day.

Feeds 6-8 hungry Feingold’s with enough for leftovers the next day for most of the kids.

OOPS guess I should have remembered to take the photo BEFORE serving everyone dinner.

So what’s cooking at your home? What easy meals do you like to make?

House Tour … Lexi’s Room

House Tour … Lexi’s Room

I know we’ve seen all the bits and pieces of this one. The quilt, the curtains, bits snuck in now you can see it almost all put together.

Here you can see the quilt & the curtains on her bed.

To match the embroidery work on her dresses Wendy also cut some little dresses in vinyl for her walls. They came out absolutely darling if you ask me.

A close up of some of the dresses. I wish you could see her wall color better in the pictures but I just can’t get it to photograph well.

You can see the top of her dresser and the edge of her desk and a surprise piece of artwork.

Here you can see the lovely quilt shop print that coordinates with the quilt dresses and the vinyl dresses. In case you want one of your own stop by A little Sweetness and get one for yourself.

There are a few little touches still in progress but this is girlie’s room as it is now.

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