House Tour … Lexi’s Room

House Tour … Lexi’s Room

I know we’ve seen all the bits and pieces of this one. The quilt, the curtains, bits snuck in now you can see it almost all put together.

Here you can see the quilt & the curtains on her bed.

To match the embroidery work on her dresses Wendy also cut some little dresses in vinyl for her walls. They came out absolutely darling if you ask me.

A close up of some of the dresses. I wish you could see her wall color better in the pictures but I just can’t get it to photograph well.

You can see the top of her dresser and the edge of her desk and a surprise piece of artwork.

Here you can see the lovely quilt shop print that coordinates with the quilt dresses and the vinyl dresses. In case you want one of your own stop by A little Sweetness and get one for yourself.

There are a few little touches still in progress but this is girlie’s room as it is now.

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