Menu Plan Monday … August

Menu Plan Monday … August

Yes I know most people just post what they are eating that week but well there are many kids in our house and because  of the dynamics of a military budget I plan for about a month at a time. I will link to anywhere I can for a recipe though I do tend to tweak them a bit for our family and will try to notate when I do!

Week 1


Sunday July 31 Paula Deen’s Chicken Pot Pie personally I don’t make it in separate dishes or make the top all fancy like, I also leave the veggies frozen and use plain organic mixed veggies from costco.

Monday Aug 1 Zuppa Toscana ok so once upon a pregnancy I had a craving for breadsticks and well soup. I love soup I eat soup all summer long. We had some Kale in our CSA box so what better way to use it.  I may even be motivated to make some fresh breadsticks as a treat for kids.

Tuesday Aug 2 Marlboro Man’s Favorite Sandwich a couple weeks ago as a gift to lexi I got her Pioneer Woman’s Cookbook. Yes I know the recipes are online but there is just something about flipping through a cookbook for inspiration. Our favorite thing is all of the amazing picture. Jack’s favorite thing is COWBOYS duh!

Wednesday Aug 3 Grilled Salmon no link just boring take salmon put on grill and sauté some veggies to go with it probably sugar snap peas!

Thursday Aug 4 Steaks on the grill with parsley butter this is so simple and yum. The trick is to slowly melt the butter add lots of fresh chopped parsley & a clove of garlic then put in a small dish and pop in the freezer to set while you grill steaks. When you serve steaks put a bit of the herbed butter on each serving. Will pair with garlic dill potatoes & fresh green beans with parsley, garlic & paprika.

Friday Aug 5 Family Fun Night home made pizza & a movie

Saturday Aug 6 Red Beans & Rice  Shhh don’t tell Steve he thinks he makes it better than I do.

Week 2

Sunday Aug 7 PW Chicken Spagetti  This was the very first Pioneer Woman recipe I tried back a year or so ago and YUMMO! Make this you will like it!

Monday Aug 8 Hamburgers & Brats & Dogs on the grill because well its Brenna’s arrival day and she is a picky eater!

Tuesday Aug 9 PW Ranch Dressing and salad because Rory said Brenna likes to eat salad when we were looking through the cookbook.

Wednesday Aug 10 Jenni’s lazy Girl lasagna aka White Lasagna with spicy red pepper sausage and spinach. Check back for the Recipe!

Thursday Aug 11 Almond crusted Fish of some sort.

Friday Aug 12 Family Fun Night home made pizza & a movie!

Saturday Aug 13 Stir fry with lots of squash and zucchini (which Aidan used to not like and now loves)

Week 3

Sunday Aug 14 PW Enchiladas yeah yeah I know there is a theme going on here. We had these last week though I doubled the recipe the kids devoured them!

Monday Aug 15 Cream of Broccoli soup with My famous (ok to us anyway) Cheesy bread rolls.

Tuesday Aug 16 Ann Miller’s Greek Pasta Salad just think greek salad meets pasta did I mention the yummy olives & feta.

Wednesday Aug 17 Shish Kaboba aka Meat on a Stick how is it that meat on a stick makes kids so happy?

Thursday Aug 18  Pork Molasses Butter with sweet potato fries and veggies  the recipe will give you the gist.

Friday Aug 19 Family Fun Night home made pizza & a movie!

Saturday Aidan’s Request is Olive Garden for his Birthday

Week 4

Sunday Aug 21 Burgers & Dogs again

Monday Aug 22 Stone Soup our version of a beef vegetable soup the kids love reading stone soup and then cleaning out the fridge to make it.

Tuesday Aug 23 Grilled Chicken with a salad

Wednesday Aug 24 Aunt Cheryl’s Easy Peasy Chicken Burritos using the leftover chicken

Thursday Aug 25 Sloppy Joes because well its fun to say the kids love them, they are easy and by the time I’ve planned a whole month of food I’ve lost my inspiration.

Friday Aug 26 LEFTOVERS thats right kids clean out the fridge.


Do you menu plan? What time/ money savers do you have?




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