New Small Body Butter Jars

New Small Body Butter Jars

I’ve been waiting patiently since December when I started getting low on my stash of the cobalt blue glass jars I use in my body butters to come back in stock. THREE different suppliers have told me they would be in as early as this past March so I waited… and waited… and waited some more. Recently I’ve been told there is an industry wide shortage and they don’t know when they will be back in stock. I can find them at one place but they are 3 times more than I’ve been paying for them and if I bought them the price on the body butters would more than double while the size stayed exactly the same. That was not ok for me. So I’ve been debating what to switch them to while secretly still hoping they would get the beautiful blue back in.


Today after the orders were shipped I had to make up some new body butters in the new jars that arrived just yesterday to finish filling orders. Here is how they turned out.

Not too bad if you ask me. These jars are shorter than the old blue ones but larger.

The bonus for you is they hold about 50% more product!

They are really growing on me. Eventually the large body butters will be in their large counter parts but I still have a few of them left.

What do you think?

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