Wednesday Wishes

Wednesday Wishes

I have to honestly say a major wish of mine has come true. We have all six of our kids living full time in our house. The last of our kids to come live with us was my oldest daughter Brenna, who arrived Monday afternoon.

Meet Brenna.

This post can be a bit of a “Two For” you get to meet Brenna AND you get to continue the house tour with her room.

Little has been shown of this room til now mainly because it was only painted in her choice of color Sherwin Williams Free Spirit , and had a bed thats it.

After a quick trip to the neighborhood big box store to get some bedding I think its cute. Not that it would matter what I thought her being 18 and all.

The view from just inside the doorway. That quilt hanging at the foot of her bed I made that when I was all of 17.

From the corner next to her bed. I guess I should have closed her door there to the right for the sake of the pictures but  didn’t think about it til now.

Here is the view from her closet. Its hard to imagine that less than a week ago this room was totally an empty blank canvas.

This is the little surprise that Brenna brought along with her. She really is a sweet little kitty and Finn loves that she is mini sized & he can carry her about.

What wishes do you have?

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