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Month: September 2011

Menu Plan Monday … September

Menu Plan Monday … September

Yes I know most people just post what they are eating that week but well there are many kids in our house and because  of the dynamics of a military budget I plan for about a month at a time. I will link to anywhere I can for a recipe though I do tend to tweak them a bit for our family and will try to notate when I do! You will even see a few recurring recipes from last month. You will also note a few times the kids will be on their own as I will be at a couple craft shows this month.

Week 1 (I”ll include what we had Thursday – Saturday here too)

Thursday September 1 Family Fun Night home made pizza & a movie!

Friday September 2 Switched! Chicken Burritos Ala Aunt Cheryl’s crud every one of the teens/20 somethings living in the house brought extra people home for dinner and I only took out 4 chicken breasts and have to feed everyone way! Also works wonders for the large family on a budget!

Saturday September 3 Steaks & french fries I was so tired I forgot to make a vegetable!

Sunday September 4 Yum Yum Ribs & Corn were on sale at the grocery store so guess what we had. With some cinnamon baked apples too!

Monday September 5 PW Mac & Cheese  because really who doesn’t love mac & cheese! The best part was Aidan who had never had home made mac & cheese ever before said it was the best mac & cheese he has had in his whole life.

Tuesday September 6 Stone Soup aka Vegetable Beef Soup. Its one of our family favorites we love the story and I love little hands helping and grabbing handfuls of various foods  to help make soup.

Wednesday September 7 Lazy Girl Lasagna I stumbled across this recipe for a white lasagna in a now forgotten magazine. Sadly I lost the recipe a move or so ago however I have tweaked it over the years anyway come back soon and maybe you will find this little gem posted.

Thursday September 8 Steaks on the grill (this is really selfish of me really so i can eat the yummy cold leftovers with a salad tomorrow for dinner)

Friday September 9 Family Fun Night home made pizza & a movie!

Saturday September 10 Autumn Pork with Apples. There are tons of recipes out there but how can you go wrong with pork & apples.

Week 2

Sunday September 11 Chianti Marinated Beef Stew From Lexi’s Giada Cookbook. Lexi will be making this with my Mom while I’m at a show! YUM can’t wait to get home and have some.

Monday September  12 Cheddar Broccoli Soup with warm cheddar rolls. This is one of Rory’s favorites, he loves broccoli broccoli soup.

Tuesday September 13 Fish with vegetables & garlic dill potatoes.  Simple. Easy. Yum.

Wednesday September 14 PW Chicken spaghetti  Yes I know it was on the menu last month too but its simple easy and filling.

Thursday September 15 Shrimp Scampi My favorite thing about this is how Aidan was so against the vegetables in it in the beginning but now they are BFFs.

Friday September 16 Family Fun Night home made pizza & a movie!

Saturday September 17 Meal in a Packet. Yup Each kid gets a piece of foil and gets to make their own packet of meat, veggies & seasonings then to the Grill they go.

Week 3

Sunday September 18 Paula Deen’s Chicken Pot Pie yes another recipe that will be coming back again this month and probably next month too its that good!

Monday September 19 Zuppa Toscana again because its just that good. Plus I still have sausage in the freezer so it makes it cheap too!

Tuesday September 20 Breakfast for dinner! YUMMY YUMMY! Who doesn’t love eggs, bacon, sausage & cinnamon raisin challah french toast for dinner?

Wednesday September 21  Marlboro Man’s Favorite Sandwich ok so basically I only came up with about 5 new recipes this month apparently.

Thursday September 22 PW Penne A la Betsy this one will be new this month but the pictures looked just amazing.

Friday September 23 Family Fun Night home made pizza & a movie!

Saturday September 24 LEFTOVERS clean out the fridge kids!

Week 4

Sunday September 25 Sausage & Peppers in the crockpot. MMMM I think there will be fresh bread made too.

Monday September 26 Clam Chowder New England style of course.

Tuesday September 27 Farmer’s Wife Baked Chicken & Roasted Vegetables.

Wednesday September 28 Carmelized Pork Medallions.

Thursday September 29 PW Mac & Cheese Again I know TWICE in one month its like crazy around here! Seriously thought Lexi & Brenna weren’t home for the first time.

Friday September 30 Family Fun Night home made pizza & a movie!

Saturday October 1 Citrus & Honey Marinated Grilled Chicken.

Do you menu plan? What time/ money savers do you have?

Packaging Revamp…Soap Bars

Packaging Revamp…Soap Bars

Well last we spoke I had a few ideas I was pondering. I bit the bullet and headed over to Etsy to hire someone to do the job after I realized it was beyond my skill to get it the way I wanted. After a couple hours of looking and getting sidetracked the way I often do when looking at Etsy I decided upon Meredith of Jack & Molly. I couldn’t be happier. She dealt with my non technical thing-a-ma-bob speech and walked me through how I needed to explain what I was trying to explain. I’m pretty sure she face palmed a few times at my sketches and wacky ideas. In the end though I’m so excited to unveil my new soap packaging!!! I’ve even taken her advice and started putting a clear coat on ALL my labels to help protect them.

So they have a piece of fabric, some decorative tissue tape (which may be changed later for a ribbon or eliminated when print fabric is used) and the new fancy label with a decorative swirl that will be changed depending on the bar of soap being wrapped!

While I was out there taking the pictures of the new labels this cuteness occurred that I thought I would also share with you as a special treat!

 Finn posing after yelling “take picture me” .

Rory riding his bike not to be outdone on the cuteness factor.

So what do you think of the new packaging?

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