Packaging Revamp…Soap Bars

Packaging Revamp…Soap Bars

Well last we spoke I had a few ideas I was pondering. I bit the bullet and headed over to Etsy to hire someone to do the job after I realized it was beyond my skill to get it the way I wanted. After a couple hours of looking and getting sidetracked the way I often do when looking at Etsy I decided upon Meredith of Jack & Molly. I couldn’t be happier. She dealt with my non technical thing-a-ma-bob speech and walked me through how I needed to explain what I was trying to explain. I’m pretty sure she face palmed a few times at my sketches and wacky ideas. In the end though I’m so excited to unveil my new soap packaging!!! I’ve even taken her advice and started putting a clear coat on ALL my labels to help protect them.

So they have a piece of fabric, some decorative tissue tape (which may be changed later for a ribbon or eliminated when print fabric is used) and the new fancy label with a decorative swirl that will be changed depending on the bar of soap being wrapped!

While I was out there taking the pictures of the new labels this cuteness occurred that I thought I would also share with you as a special treat!

 Finn posing after yelling “take picture me” .

Rory riding his bike not to be outdone on the cuteness factor.

So what do you think of the new packaging?

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2 thoughts on “Packaging Revamp…Soap Bars

  1. Love it Jenni! I was a big fan of your older, simple, sweet packaging too… but this def. takes it up a notch and is elegant. Are you offering Cranberry Orange soap this fall? I’ve got a craving…. xoxo

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