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Month: June 2012

What’s for Dinner

What’s for Dinner

The other night I was watching TV with Rory and an Olive garden commercial came on and he asked me if I remembered when we used to go there to eat. Now the last time I remember going to Olive Garden we were still living in Charleston, so that brings the time back to 2009 or earlier. He talked for a good 20 minutes about how he loves that you can have lots of soup and breadsticks. Now Olive Garden style Zuppa Toscana  has been on our menus at least monthly for YEARS probably since 2006 maybe earlier. It’s one of everyone favorites. So I figured this week for meals we would eat soup, salad and breadsticks all week. A different soup every night with salad and breadsticks. Tonight we kicked that off with Chicken Gnocchi Soup. I found the recipe over at CopyKat Recipes I didn’t compare much it was just one of the top hits off google.

I totally forgot how much I loves me some gnocchi. See you for tomorrow’s installment.



I made a quilt…for Finn

I made a quilt…for Finn

In theory I should have made Aidan’s quilt next but I just couldn’t wait to make Finn’s. Fabrics changed slightly since this photo was taken.

I squared up my already finished blocks and cut out enough to make Finn a lap quilt like I did for Rory. 

Whenever the camera comes out Finn is never far behind.

The quilt will match his stocking and is the same Bizzy Kid Pattern, you can buy it HERE. It has 2 block styles but because of my fabrics I had 3 so I had to not only rotate A & B blocks but A & B1 or B2.

So after cutting out 224 individual blocks and then sewing together another 128 together into sets I sewed my first block A to block B1 and then had to put everything away for a visit from my mom. 

After her super short visit I pulled everything back out and got to work though. This quilt gets assembled in columns vs rows and then alternating my B1 & B2 made my brain hurt a couple times. Shortly I had my first column done though.

I was determined to finish at least one of the quilt tops before the end of the night. Excuse the bad lighting it really was about 10 when I finished. The “better” looking one was actually taken with no lights on in the dining room at all and is the lap vs twin size version.

Its now all packed in a box awaiting its traveling companions to head up to see Tarabu and get quilted.

It happened in May

It happened in May

Look now I’m on posts that are only a month behind. My goal is to get caught up on posts this week you know before July then give you an update at least once a week. Fun right?  One day Finn and I were at the grocery store and instead of a treat at the end he just wanted to ride this plane. He was so good he got to ride twice even!

Then my custom tag for my infinity necklace arrived from Erika. Isn’t it lovely. The inspiration was I remember when I was a little girl my grandmother had a necklace my grandfather had given her and it had a little tag on the back of it with his initial stamped into it. 

Rory lost his first tooth. 

I planned the menu for my birthday party. 

My birthday present to myself arrived. Some Ruby & Vintage Modern Charm Squares. I’m planning 3 in my head Bonnie & Camille quilts using Bliss, Vintage Modern & Ruby all together! 

Then I cooked all day! I totally forgot to take a picture of the chicken before I served everyone. I really need to make this more often it is always a family favorite. The roasted red peppers are hands down always my favorite part.

I couldn’t decide what kind of cupcakes I wanted to I made two. I also thought to pair one of my favorite color combos I’d make tiffany blue icing for the red velvet cupcakes. Then I made Vanilla icing with just a bit of cherry for the vanilla bean cupcakes.

I used my new ice shaving blender from my mom to make my favorite blue margaritas.

As a thank you for coming to my party and celebrating with me I made this strawberry vanilla bean jam I found over on pinterest. I actually need to make more I think the kids have eaten all I made. Guess I’ll grab more berries when I go to the store tomorrow.

I organized my quilting fabrics onto a couple of the shelves in the living room specifically so they would taunt me and I’d think to pull them out more and make some more awesome. I was also inspired after seeing this (scroll down to the sewing room)  post from Camille, in my mind I like to aspire to having  my home filled with lovely quilts like I imagine hers to be. So in the left cube I put all my Bonnie & Camille lovelies. I really can’t believe how far I’ve made them stretch so far with all the projects I’ve made so far.

In the right cube I put the “extra” fabrics from the boys Quilts. If you remember back in January I had cut out most of their quilts already though a few changes were made and adjustments to my math.

Having all those fabrics front and center and after the day at the zoo with my boring uncomfortable camera strap I was inspired to make my own and used this tutorial I found on pinterest of course. I used a little of my bliss and some orange from Jack’s upcoming quilt, and my straps hardware. I still have a great love for orange and aqua together.

While I was working on another project  Finn started painting. He LOVES muppets and he painted us a picture of Kermit.

 So a couple days later we ventured to the mall (gasp) and to Build a Bear Workshop and made him is very own Kermie! Even though the build a bear version has big giant sausage like arms & legs Finn doesn’t care and loves him. As an extra because  Finn had recently noticed that his people & pets have heart beats I gave Kermie a heart beat too.



We went to the zoo… day two

We went to the zoo… day two

Rory and Finn had so much fun at the zoo it was all they talked about. Steve was coming up for the weekend from Key West and I mentioned that maybe the following day we could all go to the zoo. The kids LOVED that idea. I also decided to bring my telephoto lens instead of my standard lens on the second day. I’ll spare you the eleventy billion animal pictures (except a few I can’t resist) that I took.

I thought a picture with the peacock would be a nice tradition. Then we rented one of those pedal car things they have here. It really was a nice change from the day before when the boys & I walked the whole zoo.

We also went backwards from the way we went the day before so the giraffes happened very early on. I just loved the interaction between the mama giraffe and her baby. The kids fed them too but I wasn’t up on the platform this time because there was also a classroom up there.

The Okapi was trotting in circles too which Finn loved.

Another new tradition with the post lunch kids in front of the pot o’ gold.

I was so excited when this butterfly landed right in front of where I was standing.

I was really admiring the lions when that butterfly had happened past. This guy saw me and gave up quite a few poses for me. Thank you sir.

Of course we made sure to be over near the chimps and the gorillas for feeding time. The boys had even more questions today and even answered a few of their own. This is JJ and his daughter Alice getting ready to have some snacks.

We ended the day once again with some dippin dots and home we went. I being tired forgot to get a dippin dots picture today sorry. I was too busy capturing images of the flamingos/

So what is your favorite thing to do at the zoo?

We went to the Zoo

We went to the Zoo

Yes this is another post that happened back in April. It was so much fun. Lexi, Aidan & Jack went with Tia Diana with her to work at the Discovery Channel. So left with just Rory & Finn we headed to the Zoo! My Mom had gotten us an annual pass as part of our family holiday gift and we had yet to use it. Had I realized before hand just how big the zoo here in Miami is things may have been different but we had an amazing day. 

The boys wanted me to take their picture before we even went in the gate with the peacock. The really loved all the little animal statues through the park and made it a point to pose with every single one and because I think they are totally adorable I took pictures. To be kind I’ll just post a gallery at the bottom and add just my favorite experience from the day.

After we had lunch I couldn’t resist taking a picture of Rory & Finn in front of the pot o’ gold.

We wandered around a while and happened upon the chimpanzee feeding time. He answered all sorts of questions from the boys and made a friend for life in Rory when they went in one of the caves and I didn’t have time to warn Rory it would be loud and he just reached out his hand and let Rory hold it. This is Rory’s hair and Finn’s hand next to JJ the gorilla’s foot through the glass.

The LOVE LOVE LOVED watching the gorillas get fed. Even more Rory really loved JJ and learning about him. Both of the boys even asked questions and I love that the zookeeper spoke to them and answered their questions without speaking down or dumbing down the answers. 

Finn was so excited to see the Okapi. I did have to stop him from trying to climb the fence he wanted to touch one so badly. I love that Rory was just as excited for Finn.

Then we fed some Giraffes, ok the boys fed the giraffes. Then Finn got licked by a giraffe which if you are 3 was the most hysterical thing that could ever happen.

We ended the day with some dippin dots for the boys and a cold water for me. It was pretty awesome it was the first time they had ever had them and it totally won me mom of the year in their eyes!

Stay tuned for our next adventure.

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