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Day 30 of Power 90

Day 30 of Power 90

I was so excited last week my husband was home from a patrol, Lexi was home from her dad’s I passed day 21 and I was looking forward to that last push heading towards Day 30. Unfortunately I did something that aggravated my lower back to the point that moving was difficult working out wasn’t going to happen. The 1st 36 hours my back was spasming and I could barely move. Sunday I thought I was a little better and dis Sweat 1-2 with modifications. I think I pushed too hard, so I rested up Monday & Tuesday. Wednesday I REALLY wanted to work out so knowing the routines pretty well I attached my iphone to the speaker and brought my workout to our pool figuring it would be nice resistance and less pressure on my still struggling back. Thursday I felt horrible so I called and made a massage appointment. I just wanted to feel better. I didn’t want to lose momentum at all. I rested my muscles were so worked over and so sore on my actual Day 30 on Saturday I rested again ate clean & hoped I hadn’t gained.

Today I got to see my friend Barbie who pepped me up some talking about how much more compact I was looking I told her I had JUST weighed in and it was only a monthly loss of 3.5 lbs, but that I felt good about it considering having to take off a week and I knew I had been losing inches.

I took my measurements and I have lost inches 13 inches for that matter. Without going into the details of all of my measurements I am proud to say that 7.5 of those inches came from my waist, hips & bust! So stay tuned because I’m going to totally rock these next 30 days! I have to I have obligated myself to participate in Tough Mudder next year on my birthday!

Taking a short break. Shop closing Aug 1- Aug 27

Taking a short break. Shop closing Aug 1- Aug 27


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My customer service is lacking and I need to take some time to recharge. This past year has been more difficult than I care to ever admit. To be able to get back on track I’m closing for the 1st time ever. All orders placed Now through Tuesday will get 25% off using the code. When I come back in August I will have new items in the shop and be ready to go again. Thank you for understanding. Discounts will be valid in all shops, Lana BellaArtfire, andEtsy.

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Why I workout WITH my kids.

Why I workout WITH my kids.

I saw on Facebook this morning someone was asking “What is your BEST tip for busy parents to be able to find time for their own #fitness? #parenting” most of the responses were the usual get up early or stay up late responses I’ll tell you why that doesn’t work for me at all. You know besides the whole I love sleep and have 5 kids and a usually deployed spouse or even when he is “home” that usually still means he is 3.5 hours away from us. Okay seriously that is a MAJOR reason because I never know when I’m going to have a kid who gets a stomach bug or has leg pains and I’ll end up having to survive on very little sleep for a up to a week.


MODELING  no not the kind with super models the kind where parents behave and do the very things they want their children to do. I am honest because I want my kids to be honest people. I work hard because things don’t always get handed to us. I buck up and get out of bed and try to have a positive outlook on each new day handed to me. I eat a very balanced diet, not too much junk food, lots of veggies because I think that is a healthy way to eat. So when it came to starting a fitness program why would I hide that away? I WANT them to see me exercise. I WANT them to see me struggle. I WANT them to see me sweat. I WANT them to be by my side. I want these things so hopefully they are NEVER in a position to need to lose 100+ lbs. I do this because I DO have a child who has come so far in 13 months but to whom good diet and exercise weren’t modeled to him as a younger child and he is now back to an unhealthy weight.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE working out in my living room with my kids coming in asking me a question and moving on, or when a kid hops in place next to me and works out along with me for a bit. I love that they smile and cheer me on telling me how much fun this is or even a simple “you can do it Mom”, that reassurance so often has come at points where I’m pushing harder, digging deeper, telling myself to get up and keep going. Those voices, those smiles So often keep me going.

Back to my stepson. Aidan has made AHH-MAZING progress in the months he has been with us. He came to us this kid who was about 25-30 lbs OVER his recommended weight for his age/height, who didn’t/wouldn’t eat vegetables, and ate servings that were 5-6x what a serving really was, he was ashamed to be around any of us without a shirt one even in the pool. Thirteen months later he is a kid who LOVES fresh veggies, who lost the 25 lbs in a few months mostly from diet who now gets teased by his siblings for being “team jacob” rarely wearing a shirt. However in those months some of those old habits have snuck back up on him while he wasn’t looking. He has gained back most of the weight, his shorts he was overjoyed to get because they were regular sized not husky barely fit, and his portion sizes have gradually increased again. Unless he is sitting for a meal or a snack he has noticed he often even forgets about eating it, and was recently shocked when he realized he ate an entire family sized tart vs just a few bites while playing on his computer that upon investigation was about 7500 calories, so much for a quick snack. To combat it and to fit back into his clothes better he started tracking his food a little better using an app on his phone, and he started yesterday with Beachbody’s fitness program geared towards teens Get Real with Shaun T when he was done he even made a you tube video about it.

PSSST hey Aidan I’m really proud of you!

This is why I think it’s really important to let our kids see us work out because if they don’t see us it’s not as real to them and they think why should I and THIS is why we have the obesity problem in America that we do. To really END THE TREND we need to prevent it not just reverse it.

Intuition Physician presents – Chakras and Food — You are (how you feel about) what you eat!

Intuition Physician presents – Chakras and Food — You are (how you feel about) what you eat!

This post comes to you courtesy of my lovely friend Laura. Thank you Laura for being such an inspiration on my journey!

Hi  Peeps!!!Last Monday I talked about my vision that intuition and medicine can be completely compatible with each other, each providing information that can exponentially strengthen health when combined.

So today I want to give you the perfect example of this… how medical knowledge of the human body is enhanced by intuitive knowledge about food choices.

Many times the food *struggles* that my patients thought they were having weren’t really struggles at all. It was their body trying to tell them what it needs.

Often the person has food cravings that are absolutely perfect for the energy work they are doing, but they are being told by the media to try a certain fad diet or self-imposing a random restriction that just isn’t working for them in the long run, and their body is instinctively fighting them on it.

Read through these 7 examples of real life patients I have had and see if you find yourself in one of them.


1.  Base Chakra:   FOOD IS SECURITY

For folks who have energy work going on in the base chakra (all the way down at the very base of your spine) food represents safety and security.  When food issues go awry, deep fears of safety and panic may arise.  There may be worries about food scarcity and needing to know when and what your next meal will be.  If you over eat it may be an attempt to feel secure and reassured that all is well.   You may crave comfort foods such as casseroles and home cooking and baked goods.

If you have lots of energy work going on in this chakra, it is perfectly reasonable to feed your body foods that comfort it while this energy is being released.  One way to provide comfort and a deep contentment to base chakra eaters is to include lots and lots and lots of fiber, so that you feel full, satiated, safe and grounded for longer.


2.  Sacral Chakra:   FOOD IS PLEASURE

For peeps who are doing sacral chakra work (just below the belly button on your lower abdomen) food isn’t just about the nutrition, food is about the entire experience… the smell, the feel, the texture, the flavor, the delight in chewing it.  Food is sensual.  You may find you are eating because you want the feel of food in your mouth, not because you are hungry.  You may also find a love/hate relationship with food… often my sacral chakra patients have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or lactose intolerance or celiac disease and need to find a balance between the foods they love and the foods their body hates.

One great trick for sacral chakra eaters is to enjoy drinking (coffees, teas, water, fresh squeezed juices…) or chewing gum throughout the day to experience that sensual pleasure of having sensations in the mouth without necessarily reaching for food.


3.  Solar Plexus Chakra:  FOOD IS POWER

For folks who are moving energy in the solar plexus area (just above the navel) food is an issue of control or power.  These peeps are the ones most likely to try to strictly control what they eat and submit to horrible restrictive diets that they absolutely hate!!!!  None of the three lower chakra types enjoy dieting — these peeps crave food and sustenance and just don’t feel optimal on diets — but for solar plexus work, diets are the most offensive because restricting food intake feels like a loss of power or a loss of control… two things a solar plexus eater hates!

One great idea for solar plexus eaters is to drop the diets and instead focus on choosing easily digestible foods like soups and pureed foods that are easy on your solar plexus organs (liver, pancreas, stomach) so focusing on choosing digestible foods that are easy on the body, instead of restricting quantity, tends to be kinder than dieting and allows your body to balance weight better.


4.  Heart Chakra:  FOOD IS LOVE

Heart chakra workers enjoy food that releases endorphins and provides a rush, similar to falling in love.  Any of my long-term readers who know how often I blog about eating chocolate will recognize… yep, I’m a heart chakra eater.  Romantic foods like oysters, red wine, chocolate… it’s not so much that heart chakra peeps care about food, they care about the way the food makes them feel.  (By the way, for other heart chakra chocolate lovers out there — they just released yet another medical study that gives a huge thumbs up to chocolate… this latest one shows that people who consume chocolate have lower Body Mass Indexes (BMI) on average then non-chocoholics!)  Dieting feels atrocious for heart chakra eaters and restricting food is equivalent to being dumped by a lover.

One great trick for heart chakra eaters is to focus on enjoying the people you are eating with more than the food — if possible, avoid eating alone (this leads to over-eating) and instead really focus on making eye contact with the people you are enjoying a meal with, the conversation, have a lovely glass of wine and a small piece of chocolate cake instead of three plates full of food you do not love.


5.  Throat Chakra:  FOOD IS JOY

Throat chakra people just love love love to enjoy a wide variety of foods and this is one of their wonderful strengths with eating.  My son is a throat chakra guy and he is amazing at trying foods most children wouldn’t even think of… exotic foods, spicy foods, unusual vegetables that kids traditionally hate.  He is open to trying it all and gets so excited as he watches me prepare an interesting meal from scratch.  Because they are so open to food, dieting feels like a huge loss and may even bring deep sorrow.

My favorite recommendation for throat chakra eaters is to focus on trying new and unusual foods to satisfy their cravings, instead of over-eating a large quantity of boring foods.  Another great way to look at food for throat chakra peeps is to focus on a Joy Diet!  Throat chakra eaters can feel guilty because food brings them joy — but I say this is a strength!  Food brings joy!  So choose your food selection based on how much joy it brings you and do not waste your time (or calories) on food that does not bring joy.  Read more about this here.


6.  Third Eye Chakra:  FOOD IS ENERGY

People with lots of activity in their third eye have a very specific food need — lots of fat and lots of protein.  They may tend to dislike fruits and dislike veggies, and in today’s veggie loving society this can make them feel like they are making bad food choices.  The thing is, these people have so much depth and intuition in their third eye (middle of the forehead) that each bite needs to be calorie dense and their body knows this.

Instead of feeling pressured to eat more fruits and veggies, third eye peeps need to know that they are honoring their bodies by feeding their brain lots of healthy fats (organic whole fat dairy/butter/yogurt or coconut, avocado, fish oil…) and protein (organic meats, organic eggs,  organic nuts and nut butters.)  My daughter is a third eye kinda gal, and I can honestly say that she never eats any fruits… veggies she can tolerate in small amounts.   But mostly, she craves protein and dairy and she is the healthiest person I know.  Never sick.  Glowing skin.  Gorgeous hair.  Beautiful radiant soul.  People who are third eye eaters need to feel good about their food choices… I blog a bit more about that here.


7.  Crown Chakra:  FOOD IS OPTIONAL

If you have a lot of energy going through the crown chakra, I bet this sounds familiar: forgetting to eat, not making the time to eat, feeling dizzy because you skipped lunch, reaching for a quick snack and then getting right back to work, forgetting to hydrate.  Crown chakra peeps find it easy to ignore their bodies needs or lose track of time.  While they are usually not so bothered by going on a diet, the danger here is that they often don’t take the time to eat healthily so that when they do eat, they are ravenous and do not make smart food choices.

The best things crown chakra eaters can do is to schedule in their eating so that they eat at regular intervals, stay hydrated, and make great food choices… instead of not eating all day long and then binging in a drive through on the way home.  Another great tip for my crown chakra peeps is to carry water with them at all times, so that even if they are not taking the time to properly eat, they stay well hydrated.


Hit share to let all your friends know… there are specific reasons why some diets do not work for some people.  Lots of it depends on the way your body is processing energy at this time in your life… what chakra is flowing the most.

  • Don’t know which chakra is your chakra right now?
  • Want more tips beyond the one or two tips I gave each chakra type?
  • What to go further then just diet and find out how intuition and energy impacts other events in our lives like sleep, mood, energy level and disease?

Working one-on-one with me, we can find out your specific answers… and formulate your specific solutions!

xoxo, Laura

13 days and minus 3.5 inches probably more.

13 days and minus 3.5 inches probably more.

I wasn’t going to measure I wasn’t going to weigh in but when a pair of pants down a size from the ones I had already removed from my drawers because they are too big was now visibly loose I couldn’t resist. I only measured my waist and hips and even that I did over clothing so it’s not as accurate but even still it was a bigger change than I expected. In my waist I had lost 2 inches and my hips 1.5. I’m so excited to be on this journey. I’m so excited to END THE TREND of my obesity! I think it is so fitting that happens to be one of Beachbody’s slogans.

If you have been on the fence thinking about how to start your path to fitness there are so many options. Start with your diet, start with an exercise program I can’t recommend Power 90 enough, attack both at once, it doesn’t really matter just start! If you want to make it a challenge and have some accountability please contact me. If you know exactly how you want to do start and want me as your personal weight-loss partner I’d love to help just contact me!

Oh and remember just a few days back when I said I wouldn’t hide from the camera anymore well I’m holding myself to that and yesterday when I had a crafter-noon at my house not only did I not hide I even posed (thank you Diana) for 2 pictures! So here I am 16 days in (can you tell this post has been in progress while I thought a few things through) I don’t know how much better I look to people but I FEEL so much better.

Please join me on my journey to END THE TREND and if you are ready to make the change in yourself we can do it together. As for me I’m going to keep pushing play every day one day at a time to a fitter, healthier & happier me!


P.S What are you doing to END THE TREND?

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