13 days and minus 3.5 inches probably more.

13 days and minus 3.5 inches probably more.

I wasn’t going to measure I wasn’t going to weigh in but when a pair of pants down a size from the ones I had already removed from my drawers because they are too big was now visibly loose I couldn’t resist. I only measured my waist and hips and even that I did over clothing so it’s not as accurate but even still it was a bigger change than I expected. In my waist I had lost 2 inches and my hips 1.5. I’m so excited to be on this journey. I’m so excited to END THE TREND of my obesity! I think it is so fitting that happens to be one of Beachbody’s slogans.

If you have been on the fence thinking about how to start your path to fitness there are so many options. Start with your diet, start with an exercise program I can’t recommend Power 90 enough, attack both at once, it doesn’t really matter just start! If you want to make it a challenge and have some accountability please contact me. If you know exactly how you want to do start and want me as your personal weight-loss partner I’d love to help just contact me!

Oh and remember just a few days back when I said I wouldn’t hide from the camera anymore well I’m holding myself to that and yesterday when I had a crafter-noon at my house not only did I not hide I even posed (thank you Diana) for 2 pictures! So here I am 16 days in (can you tell this post has been in progress while I thought a few things through) I don’t know how much better I look to people but I FEEL so much better.

Please join me on my journey to END THE TREND and if you are ready to make the change in yourself we can do it together. As for me I’m going to keep pushing play every day one day at a time to a fitter, healthier & happier me!


P.S What are you doing to END THE TREND?

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