Why I workout WITH my kids.

Why I workout WITH my kids.

I saw on Facebook this morning someone was asking “What is your BEST tip for busy parents to be able to find time for their own #fitness? #parenting” most of the responses were the usual get up early or stay up late responses I’ll tell you why that doesn’t work for me at all. You know besides the whole I love sleep and have 5 kids and a usually deployed spouse or even when he is “home” that usually still means he is 3.5 hours away from us. Okay seriously that is a MAJOR reason because I never know when I’m going to have a kid who gets a stomach bug or has leg pains and I’ll end up having to survive on very little sleep for a up to a week.


MODELING  no not the kind with super models the kind where parents behave and do the very things they want their children to do. I am honest because I want my kids to be honest people. I work hard because things don’t always get handed to us. I buck up and get out of bed and try to have a positive outlook on each new day handed to me. I eat a very balanced diet, not too much junk food, lots of veggies because I think that is a healthy way to eat. So when it came to starting a fitness program why would I hide that away? I WANT them to see me exercise. I WANT them to see me struggle. I WANT them to see me sweat. I WANT them to be by my side. I want these things so hopefully they are NEVER in a position to need to lose 100+ lbs. I do this because I DO have a child who has come so far in 13 months but to whom good diet and exercise weren’t modeled to him as a younger child and he is now back to an unhealthy weight.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE working out in my living room with my kids coming in asking me a question and moving on, or when a kid hops in place next to me and works out along with me for a bit. I love that they smile and cheer me on telling me how much fun this is or even a simple “you can do it Mom”, that reassurance so often has come at points where I’m pushing harder, digging deeper, telling myself to get up and keep going. Those voices, those smiles So often keep me going.

Back to my stepson. Aidan has made AHH-MAZING progress in the months he has been with us. He came to us this kid who was about 25-30 lbs OVER his recommended weight for his age/height, who didn’t/wouldn’t eat vegetables, and ate servings that were 5-6x what a serving really was, he was ashamed to be around any of us without a shirt one even in the pool. Thirteen months later he is a kid who LOVES fresh veggies, who lost the 25 lbs in a few months mostly from diet who now gets teased by his siblings for being “team jacob” rarely wearing a shirt. However in those months some of those old habits have snuck back up on him while he wasn’t looking. He has gained back most of the weight, his shorts he was overjoyed to get because they were regular sized not husky barely fit, and his portion sizes have gradually increased again. Unless he is sitting for a meal or a snack he has noticed he often even forgets about eating it, and was recently shocked when he realized he ate an entire family sized tart vs just a few bites while playing on his computer that upon investigation was about 7500 calories, so much for a quick snack. To combat it and to fit back into his clothes better he started tracking his food a little better using an app on his phone, and he started yesterday with Beachbody’s fitness program geared towards teens Get Real with Shaun T when he was done he even made a you tube video about it.

PSSST hey Aidan I’m really proud of you!

This is why I think it’s really important to let our kids see us work out because if they don’t see us it’s not as real to them and they think why should I and THIS is why we have the obesity problem in America that we do. To really END THE TREND we need to prevent it not just reverse it.

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2 thoughts on “Why I workout WITH my kids.

  1. So true, Jen! Them seeing you work to get into better health will only encourage them to do the same! It’s so awesome that they are your workout partners and your cheerleaders!

    Aidan’s video is great! So proud of him!

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