Getting back on the horse.

Getting back on the horse.

So I’ve been pretty quiet since my 30 day weigh in. The reason for that is I was still really sore much more than I would have liked. I’ve now gotten 2 massages and honestly in the morning my back is STILL a little tight. After a couple hours and if I don’t have to sit in my office desk chair at all I’m usually better but still not 100% back. It makes me really sad honestly. I was ready I was doing it and my body quit on me. Since I hurt myself I’ve honestly only worked out maybe 3 times. The last time I actually cried. I wasn’t able to do all the pushups anymore. I was a little slower. I was afraid. I was afraid that if i really gave it 100% I’d be in pain, or I’d hurt myself again and be sidelined for another 2 weeks so its been easier to just really watch my diet and rest. Then in my head I got to that point with having so much other stuff to do around my house to catch up and already taking so much time off well I’d start tomorrow, and I’d still not be caught up so kept pushing it til tomorrow instead of just pushing play.


That ends now on my day 43 I am going to saddle back up and get back on that horse and commit to succeed. For me, for my husband & kids, for you! Are you with me? Are YOU ready?

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