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Month: April 2013

Day 2 Ultimate Reset meets Whole30 Challenge

Day 2 Ultimate Reset meets Whole30 Challenge

Day 2 is here. I’m still feeling pretty good. I’m still going forward with my ultimate reset meets whole30 so no dairy, no legumes (including and especially soy), no grains (even quinoa), no fish (because it just never sits well), also added are no avocados or mangos because of an existing latex allergy.


Lunch again was shakeology with coconut kefir & mixed berries.


Dinner Grilled Grass Fed Flank Steak, Salad, spagetti squash & sweet potatoes.

Ultimatereset/Whole30 day 2


I also did a little tai Cheng today.

Day 1 of Ultimate Reset meets Whole30 Challenge

Day 1 of Ultimate Reset meets Whole30 Challenge

This is it today is day one of my reset. I will admit I stumbled down in my fog and straight to my keurig. I had 3 sips of my coffee standing there at the counter when I remembered that I wasn’t supposed to drink my coffee. Farewell delicious friend down the drain you go. I poured a glass of water added my mineralize to it grabbed the bottle of optimize  and drank it. Not the best feeling in the world. I had 16 oz of water and added 10 shakes it tasted like something I should be gargling with not drinking. Added more water. Sat down and checked out facebook while I bribed Lexi to make me an egg. That kid is amazing.


Because I tend to forget during the day to take pictures you know busy mom homeschooling 5 kids and all I forgot to take a picture of my lunch. It was however greenberry shakeology with frozen mixed berries and coconut kefir.

I can honestly say that I was really nervous about the alkalinize time of the day. I’ve seen on the forums people really struggle with it. My stomach and I still aren’t on the best terms coming off my bee sting reaction this could be bad. I mixed it in 2 oz of water and just drank it like a shot like people recommended. Honestly it wasn’t very bad, I’ve done my fair share of wheatgrass shots over the years and I think Beachbody could have stepped it up and formulated packets of extracts instead of powdered greens but really not horribly bad for what it is. 

Dinner again off plan due to my restrictions of NO GRAINS, NO DAIRY, NO LEGUMES, NO FISH was decidedly a grilled chicken salad I did make the Ultimate Reset Creamy Garlic Dressing though but no honey added.

Day 1 Dinner


I added some baked spaghetti squash to the salad because Rory is in LOVE with spaghetti squash right now.


How did you fuel your body today?

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