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Ultimate Reset meets Whole30 Challenge.

Ultimate Reset meets Whole30 Challenge.


I’ve been on the fence for months about wanting to do the Ultimate Reset my biggest concerns from the beginning were when seeing people post their pictures on instagram or facebook or where ever the meals seemed to be very soy heavy or containing a lot of fish both things that I don’t eat so I was concerned in having decent results and how much effort would have to go into it to make them soy free, gluten free and I’d have to think about the fish depending on types and availability of sustainable fish and what the mercury & radiation levels were looking like when I decided to do the program.

Last week I was over my first 60 days of doing Les Mills Pump (which I love)  and in the first 30 days I had gained 4 pounds and in the second 30 days I lost 2 of those so I was still up 2 lbs. Yes I had lost inches, yes I was feeling better but when you are looking at a goal of 100+ pounds lost any gain is disappointing. I’ve been struggling with workouts, while eating clean for almost a year and my total weight loss was under 5 pounds. I’ve seen the success stories of the people who were my size who even just started drinking Shakeology and were seeing changes, who would do any program and have at least 20 pound losses and here I can’t lose anything.

Maybe it was time to rethink everything. In March Ultimate Reset was on sale so before that sale ended I logged on and ordered it. I even paid extra to have 2 day shipping so I could start right away. That very night my friend Rachael posted on facebook a before and after picture of her Whole30 results so far with over 30 lbs lost in the same time I had been doing Les Mills Pump and only lost 2. I contacted her immediately. She sent me a few more links that she used to kickstart her whole30. She told me that  first you NEED to do this Bone Broth Fast  and read this weight loss resistance story . Now let me tell you I clicked those links and read both I even decided to go buy a second crockpot so i could have one for broth and one for all the other food I cook in it on a regular basis. The thing that really resonated with me above all though was simply the Dr’s name, I know it might seem silly but I really think that the universe will give you signs in life to make sure you are REALLY paying attention, his name Pompa was that trigger for me, it’s what I called my grandfather as a child, silly or not it was the kick in the ass I needed.


The next day I went to target to get the new crockpot and the grocery store for some bones for the broth and some food to feed the family the next couple days. I came home and immediately washed the crockpot and started my broth, dinner Thursday night was rotisserie chicken & salad. Then the research began signing onto the Ultimate Reset Portal looking at the menus and almost breaking down into tears. Of the 21 Days of menus, 3 meals a day only about 1/3 of them were whole 30 compliant as well. I knew I was going to have to alter some because of the soy and fish issues, I didn’t think it was going to be this hard though.

I hope once my Ultimate Reset Kit gets here there will be more info on some of the WHYs behind the meals to help me alter the menus better. In any case I’ll be trying to merge both programs together, keeping in line with NO Soy, No Legumes, No Dairy (this will be the absolute hardest one for me with no coffee & yogurt), No Grains. Ultimate reset has weeks 2 & 3 with no animal proteins.

protein and fats

Honestly I had great intentions for the bone broth fast, it didn’t happen exactly as planned though my broth looked wonderful, smelled wonderful, all until I went to get some and it made me gag. Friday thru Sunday were NOT good days, nothing was appetizing at all, I struggled to eat, even my beloved shakeology was difficult, the one thing that I did want and did make me feel better was some Kombucha ginger kombucha to be exact. So much so that Steve had to go back to Whole Foods to get me some more. So much that he said I just needed to get a kit and brew my own. After a little research I decided to just order this gold kit, I loved the idea of a crock because lets be honest I already have a shortage of gallon jars or any jars. Heck I have issues with counter space to begin with so I’ll be doing some rearranging today to make room. What I really liked was that it can brew 2.5 gallons at a time and with 5 kids thats important.

So in a nutshell because this post has already been in progress for 3 days I’ll be following the supplement and eating schedule of the Ultimate Reset program, but I’ll be substituting all miso soup for bone broth or vegetable stock, I’ll be eliminating ALL grains, ALL legumes this includes ALL Soy with the exception of minimal cashew butter, All Dairy will be substituting with coconut milk yogurt or actual coconut milk, Also as I’m not inherently fond of fish and it doesn’t always sit well that will be limited as well. I will be eating only organic pastured and grassfed meats, sweet potatoes will be my friend, I will attempt to limit protein from days 8-21.

Day 20 will be the hardest day for me I’ll be on vacation in Key West my one weekend a year alone with my husband and no kids. We’ve planned for months to go out to dinner and I have waited almost a year for black truffle and smoked gouda mac & cheese. I really might just order it to have a bite or 2 and send it with Steve for leftovers. I think its really about being mindful and making the choices of foods that are really worth it. Some people might ask why don’t I just wait until then to start the reset, my reason is I need to start now, I need to kickstart my body now, I’d rather start now and hope to see some changes before the vacation and be happier with myself instead of waiting nearly a month to start.



I didn’t even wait to get my kit I started right away. Grain Free, Dairy Free Easter Dinner, my kids must have liked it we don’t have the heaps of leftovers we usually do. I made 3 bunches of asparagus and it was all gone by the time we had our leftovers at supper time.

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