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Making a Life

Making a Life

So much of what I thought I wanted has changed so drastically in the past few months. I had a very wise friend not to long ago tell me honestly I didn’t need to hate money or dealing with the financial aspects of my business because I could do so much with it if I would just allow myself to. She was right and it has changed my perspective so much.

I used to want to make more money with both my soap business and with my Beachbody business so I could do more, have more, be more, but, now I realize I want to be financially independent so I am free to GIVE more, more time, more money, more hope.


I want more than to worry about making a living, or even having to budget down to every last penny with the absolute fear of a big car repair bill, or medical emergency could wipe out everything. I want when my 8yo says he wants to go to Uganda to help kids be able to say “ok let’s do it and plan that trip and go”. I’m feeling called more and more to give, to help, to LIVE, to love.

I’m more concerned these days about making a life. With my husband mere months from eligibility of military retirement I feel more and more stress about how I have failed to live as frugal of a life as I should have so we would be in a better position for him to retire. I feel like because I didn’t get my thyroid taken care of earlier so I could be a product of the product I have failed. I feel like my fear of working out after we discovered it was my thyroid for fear that I would still be obese and none of it would matter anyway I have failed. Most of all I fear like I have failed my kids with my poor money management skills and not having an adequate savings, or not being able to “say sure let’s do” it more often or sometimes even at all.

It changes now. I understand it now. I want to make my life, not just a living now. Here is how I’m starting to give more, but, I need YOUR help. This year I will be launching 2 new soaps. The first HOPE and every time you buy a bar of Hope I will set aside another bar to send to Restore International for them to send to their Orphanages. Heck if you are feeling very generous you can even send your bar too it will be an option during checkout. Additionally $1 of each sale is going into “Rory’s Africa Fund” to help make his dream a reality. The second DREAM and dream will work similarly except the extra bar will be going in donation to my local food pantry and homeless shelters. I envision the extra $1 going into a fund where we can just do random acts of kindness for people, I love seeing how just paying for the coffee or meal of the car behind you can snowball into something so much bigger.

I had thought to end it there. I thought those two would be enough but while I was typing that all out I thought of a third way to give. The third  LOVE and with that YOU can tell me where you want your extra bar to go. I’ll split the $1 into the two above funds.

If you are local to me in Port Angeles, WA I’m sure you have noticed the fingerless gloves, hats, and other knit items made by me and let you know that the sales of these items has also been going into Rory’s Africa Fund. Non locals if you see me posting such items on social media and you want them please speak up and we can make arrangements.

In the meantime so I can clear out stock and space for these as well as the new soaps I’ve got up my sleeves for you I’ll be offering all of my INSTOCK items in my shop at 25% off using code NOURISH expires January 30, 2015 so I have time to get all the new goodies listed for you for February 1! Valid in my SHOP  and on ETSY.

Once again I THANK you for your continued support.


Hello Holidays!!

Hello Holidays!!

Gift heart

‘Tis The Giving Season

Happy Holidays!

I know some of you may be groaning and mentioning that its barely November that there is still plenty of time but what you might not be aware of is how early Hanukkah is this year. I know I’m still shocked that it starts BEFORE Thanksgiving. Thats right while most of you will be doing your Thanksgiving Prep we will be sitting down to Brisket (maybe) knowing my kids I’ll just make 2 small turkeys this year vs one large one, and lighting the candles of the first night. My personal favorite part is that Breakfast will easily be taken care of with some leftover Latkes, I hope the kids will save me one!

SHIPPING CUT OFF DATES to ensure delivery in time for the holidays to receive gifts in time for the 1st Night of HanukkahNovember 27 please place your order by November 18 and use coupon code BRIGHTLIGHTS (expires December 5, 2013)

For Delivery in time for Saint Nicholas Day December 6 please place you order by November 25 and use code STNICK (expires December 6, 2013)

For Christmas Eve December 24 please place your order by December 13and use coupon code HOLYNIGHT (expires January 6, 2014)

NOTE these cut off dates apply to domestic (United States) shipping only and NOT international shipping for international shipping cut off please use your country’s average shipping time and plan accordingly. 

The coupon codes are all for exactly the same 30% discount it will just help me keep track for the future! I won’t be offering any big Black Friday Deals because I’ll be spending the time with my children and making their gifts I hope you understand only so many hours in the day and all. I am however hoping to get some of the knit items I’ve been making for my children this year ready for you. If you are interested in a custom knit item please message me ASAP CONTACT ME

 Frankincense & Myrrh Soap

Rory Wants to be an Elf Soap 

ButterBeer Soap

Santa’s Forest Soap 


Thank you all so much for your ongoing support I wish you the very Merriest Everything!!



Why I closed my Etsy Shop ~ AKA the March Newsletter

Why I closed my Etsy Shop ~ AKA the March Newsletter

On closing the Etsy Shop

It was with a heavy heart in February that I decided to close my Etsy shop. It was through Etsy that I was really able to reach so many of you. The main reason for the decision to close is the way shipping is calculated. With the flat rate shipping not a weight based real time integrated shipping calculator and the weight of my products when the new USPS rates came out I couldn’t seem to find that middle ground, either I was greatly overcharging or vastly undercharging and when it came to International shipping it was a nightmare. I’d rather spend my time on product development and keeping the pricing on my products as low as possible, not spending countless hours testing out scenarios to every country out there. I LOVE my international customers I just don’t love calculating shipping.

With the Shop now there are so many features I’m just starting to explore.The fists I’m sure everyone will appreciate the more you shop the more you save, repeat customers now have a couple bonuses built in after you place 3 orders you automatically start saving 3% off all future orders, in the future there will probably be more steps on the savings ladder, and I would love feedback from YOU the most important people in this venture, the bonus to this is that in addition to the 3% you can also use coupon codes so your savings can be even greater! The second big step is FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75, again this number may be adjusted in the future but I thought this was a decent jumping off point. I also now have the ability to trigger the cart to give free gifts with purchase, buy 1 get 1 offers that all happen BEFORE you even enter a discount code.

The other piece of fun is every month from all of the orders placed I’ll be entering names into a drawing for a $25 gift certificate. Just from ordering you could win.  Your accounts have already had a $25 store credit applied to them! Congratulations!!

I hope you will continue to order from Lana Bella I have really appreciated all of the support you have given my business and my family over the past 5+ years on Etsy.


Monthly Winners!!

These lucky people have won our monthly drawing for $25. Congratulations.
October 2012 Laura Koniver

November 2012 Cynthia MacLeod

December 2012 louise monteith

January 2013 amy rottier

February 2013 Sarah Williams

Coming Soon.

They have been much requested and in the works for a very long time. By next week our new line of facial serums will be listed in the shop!


That’s right we are expanding our wholesale availability! If you own or know of a local shop you would like to see our items available at let them know we are accepting new accounts now.

If you live in the Miami Area you will soon be able to shop for items at Peapod Essentials the new retail shop located insideThe Gathering Place.


Also if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram or even read the blog you know I have been knitting and knitting away. I want to share with you this AMAZING subscription box service that I have LOVE LOVE LOVED these past couple of  months. I’m secretly stalking my postal worker because I know the March packages were shipped and I can’t wait until its here!! So go check out KnitCrateand sign up its AMAZING!

Salve and Balm Packaging

Salve and Balm Packaging

Its been a while since I posted anything business related so here is a sneak peek at all of the new salve packaging. Some of you may have already received packages with the new labels but if you haven’t look at how amazing they look! They were designed by the AMAZING Meredith from Jack & Molly. Its been a few months and I STILL get really excited every time I print up a sheet!

The lovely Ant-y Thing. This salve with a funny name has a funny name for a reason. You see it was created when my too curious little boy wanted to see what would happen when he messed with some fire ants. Well anyone who has ever been bit by a fire ant before knows they bite and they HURT! Well he got bit 35 times on his arm that we could count it resulted in a visit to the emergency room and prescriptions for more creams and ointments than I care to have to use with my busy life and well not a one of them was natural and many had chemicals that we avoid. I put my herbalist hat on and thought back to some wisdom from Rosemary Gladstar and created this good for just about anything salve and gave it a funny name to make my boy smile and it stuck.

Arnica Muscle Rub. A specific external treatment for physical trauma, sprains, bruising and other injuries. Use immediately after strenuous exertion or injury to prevent, relieve and reduce swelling, bruises and pain.

Blissful Baby Balm. I know for my babies I only want to use the most gentle ingredients on them so that is what happened when this balm got reformulated. Simple, gentle goodness.

Buggy Be Gone! Balm. As you find with my other products this one also came out of necessity, I was on the hunt for an all natural bug repellent that work and this is what I came up with.

Healing Ink Balm. When I was getting ready to get a tattoo I thought back to the Tattoo Goo I used on my first one. I didn’t want to purchase something when I could make my own so I looked around and thought about what you need when you get a tattoo and that is all about skin health with out damaging the inks. I also wanted it to smell nice because that makes me happy. Did you know that helichrysm essential oil is being used in trials for both hepatitis and HIV? I didn’t either but I love how it smells and thought that was an amazing coincidence so in it went.

Serie Breathe Easy Rub. I don’t know about you but here with the windows closed and the chill in the air and sometimes having the heat on we are getting some stuffy noses. Especially at night, and most noticeable in our two year old. I wanted something I could grab in the dark half asleep in the middle of the night and something that was NOT petroleum based. Why not use the same blend as in our wonderful serie soap and aromatherapy products. A blend of Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Lemon essential oils as sure to get the job done!

Lexi’s Hunger Games Inspired Birthday Party

Lexi’s Hunger Games Inspired Birthday Party

 It was a busy week around here baking, baking and more baking for Lexi’s Hunger Games inspired party. I have never seen my girlie this excited about anything. I really loved being able to surprise her with this. I think one of the biggest surprises for her was our dear friend Diana also dressed up as Effie Trinket as Lexi dressed like Katniss on reaping day. Don’t they look wonderful?

If you have read the books you know that foods especially breads are discussed so much and play such an important part of the story so that is what I tried to recreate. With the help of pinterest and Fictional Food I found so much food inspiration.

Peeta’s Burnt Fruit & Nut Bread (left) and of course District 11’s crescent rolls.

Goat Cheese and Apple Tarts. Which were probably my personal favorite food.

I also made (and forgot to take  a picture of) the Lamb and Dried Plum Stew. I did just use beed but it was pretty awesome.

The first gifts Lexi opened were wonderfully planned because we can’t eat those wonderful Capitol foods and it still be reaping day.

A dress for the transformation into the girl on fire.

A dress for the transformation into the girl on fire purchased on Etsy.

Some makeup to complete the transformation.

The coal inspired necklace were from the ever lovely Lauren. you may notice there is no makeup on in this picture, well thats because I didn’t get a single standing picture of this dress during the party so I made  asked  her put it on the following day for this post of course.

We served food after this and with five kids I put down the camera which means there are no pictured of the orange juice with their cute paper straws and bottles or of the stew.

Then she opened the rest of her gifts.

Diana even brilliantly disguised her gift as as a tribute gift.

A Katniss inspired charm bracelet.

With extra charms inspired by her favorite characters & events also found on Etsy. You also get a glimpse of her new girl on fire inspired glitter ring also from Lauren of Jersey Girl Design.

I attempted to make Cupcakes on Fire from THIS tutorial. As you can see the fact that my kitchen was 84,000 degrees the odds were not ever in my favor for this one. They were still super yummy though and Lexi loved the idea.

She blew out the candles and made her wish. I hope it comes true for her.

At the end of the day we wished our friends well with some little treats to munch on the train their way home.

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