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WOW so I was looking though all my old sales today while having a coughing fit and drinking a cup of tea curious to see how many states & countries I’ve shipped products to over the past few years and I was pleasantly surprised! 45 of 50 states have been covered and lets try to make it 50 by the end of the year I’m looking at you Idaho, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North & South Dakota! I’ve also shipped to all but 3 Canadian provinces and 21 other countries! This really excited me! Thank you so very much for your support.

I know shipping the past few months has been a little slower than any of us like and I apologize we have had a lot to get accustomed to here at home and with my husband gone 95% of the time if I get sick or my 5yo breaks his arm and we have to spend one day in the ER and then 3 other days at various drs appointments for it there is no one to help me pick up the slack and I still have to do all the other “mom” stuff and my kids whine a lot if I don’t feed them and they don’t have clean clothes to wear.

As a little thank you for putting up with my insanity over the past few months I’m extending my FREE SHIPPING coupon code FREESHIPPING10 in my etsy shop through well how about 11-11-11 you know because that makes sense right?

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