Happy Anniversary. To me.

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Today is my 10th Anniversary. Its been 10 years since that morning my husband and I got in my car (running late because I couldn’t get my hair just right) and drove from my apartment in Springfield, MA up to Brattleboro, VT to get married. In jeans and a grey sweater and a thumb ring to make it official and keep it a secret while we planned a wedding. Along the way I also got pulled over for speeding. When I was asked what my hurry was by the police officer I excitedly said I was late for my own wedding. If you know me it was fairly typical that I’d be running late for my own wedding. So with my husband in the coast guard it isn’t often that we are together for our Anniversary I have big plans of dinners in the future though!

We got married before either of our cell phones had cameras and didn’t even own a digital camera at the time so sadly there are no pictures of when we actually got married so this picture from our wedding we had seven months later.

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What special things do you do for your anniversary?

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