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Its been busy busy here! Fall is HERE in Baltimore which means for the girl who has been living in sunny warm South Carolina for the past 4 years its COLD! There are adjustments being made with my children and I who are just not used to cold like this so early! With the cold and the rain .. oh the rain there is much more time being spent inside so there has been much more crafting going on.

Soap making in action. Believe it or not these pictures are not as easy to take yourself WHILE making soap!
solid soap oils measured out and heating up (Coconut oil, Palm kernal oil, Shea butter, Cocoa butter)
Ok really there were multiple batches measured out to be made back to back because thats how I roll. Its just easier to make a bunch after bedtime than spend many nights doing it. Its like making two lasagnas at once so you can freeze one rather than spending the time to pull everything out multiple times as far as I'm concerned.

Welcome to the complete overtaking of my kitchen.

Water and Lye solution cooling in my sink.

Melting in progress.

Essential Oils measured mixed and set aside (Lavender, Sweet Orange & Geranium)

Oils melted (liquid oils of olive and sunflower added) and lye solution mixed together. Just Started blending.

Coming along well.

Poured into the mold (sorry missed a few steps with the camera there like I said its hard to photograph yourself making soap).

Unwrapped and ready to be cut. Smells delicious!

Cut, staged and photographed ready to be listed in the etsy store in a few more weeks. We have to let them cure a bit first!
Check and see what we do have ready for you today! Lana Bella' Etsy Shop oh and as a special treat how about a 5% discount with code "SoapMaking" added to the seller box now through 10 am tomorrow (October 28)

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