Where does the time go?

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I’ve had it on my to do list to get to all the blog posts I owe from August on I’ve got 2 birthday parties, at least as many quilts, and a million other projects and recipes to share. Instead I’ll just go through my phone and show you what we’ve been doing via instagram. Honestly I just went through my photo stream and I haven’t even taken as many pictures as I normally do so you lucked out!



There has been knitting, lots, and lots of knitting. So much that I’ve also been hoarding yarn like it was fabric and it had outgrown its original tiny basket. It has now also outgrown that basket and the entire cubby it fits into and is spilling into the next cubby.

This face. How can you resist it I know I can’t.

I made a wreath you know like all those ones you see on Pinterest. Mine still needs a better (bigger) bow. Orange ribbon is hard to fine when the stores have switched over for Christmas.

The freak kids went swimming in November on a day it was barely 78. I think they were cold. I know I was watching them.

I started knitting these cute little mittens for a family experience advent calendar only 24 more to go.

I knit up a quick slouchy hat for Aidan’s trip to Baltimore for Thanksgiving.

Then my elf got his very own tree. Once he finished decorating he informed me it can stay up all year long.


I started knitting a pair of gloves for Lexi. This yarn is about the thickness of bakers twine and the needles are glorified toothpicks.


A Monster Birthday Bash was planned for Finn who was turing 4! Where did the time go?


This guy woke up happy as could be on his birthday!


My first adventure into cables with yarn that likes to twist in to its own drummer. A scarf for Lexi. She also got this beautiful shawl pin to go with it.


Our last event all while all the kids were together for the holidays was to decorate our tree together.


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