Finnalicious Fantasmagorical Refresher

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Brew yourself a cup of this lovely tea and delight your senses. There are very few home comforts that compare to brewing a delicious cup of tea. Open your bag of Finnilicious Fantasmagorical Refresher and you will see a mix of calendula, hibiscus, chrysanthemom, cornflower, and more. Add a few spoonfuls to the teapot and when you pour, the lovely warm hue will make you smile while you smell the delightful and relaxing hints of red raspberry leaf, lemon balm, and oatstraw. Make this tea for your morning ritual, your afternoon snuggle, or for an evening escape from the day with a bubble bath. The best part (could it really get better?) is that you will also benefit from all the healing and restorative effects of the herbs this tea is composed of.

The beautiful teapot in the images was handmade by the fabolous Brenna McBroom you can get one for yourself here :

Organic Ingredients: chamomile, rooibos, lemonbalm, spearmint, calendula, strawberry leaf, hibiscus, alfalfa, chrysanthemum, dandelion leaf, passionflower, skullcap, cornflower, jasmine, red clover & LOVE

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