Vashta Nerada Soap

Vashta Nerada Soap

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Around the time I made the Petrichor soap, I had made this one too and for the longest time I couldn't think of a name for it and a darling friend said "hmmm Black Pepper, Patchouli, & Cedarwood? seems deep, dark mysterious like a library you should throw a dark twist on it and name is Vashta Nerada."

So here it is with a little added ground Plantain & a sprinkle of fresh ground pepper on top. For all my Whovians enjoy!

Loaded with Lush ingredients that hydrate, sooth,e and Pamper the skin! Made with pure, environmentally friendly, vegetable-derived ingredients keeping the natural glycerin intact.

All of our bars are hand-cut and allowed to cure 4-6 weeks before being offered for sale. Due to the nature of being hand cut no two bars are alike.