Our Story


A move to Miami and life circumstances adding a fifth child into our every day life with the addition of my step-son has changed my focus a bit from exploring to enjoying our back yard and all it has to offer from lizards & frogs, new herbs and most importantly in the summer heat a pool.

I create artisanal herbal teas, herbal salves/balms, cold-process soaps, bath soaks, and scrubs. My products are all based on sound herbal and aromatherapeutic art and science using organic herbs and botanical essences.

Inspired by my love and respect for nature I am making an effort to use less  packaging for a smaller footprint.While living previously in Baltimore I was motivated by my sisters in craft  in BEST to bring my own craft to the next level.

Rory, Jack, Finn, Aidan & Lexi Fall 2100

Rory, Finn, Lexi, Aidan & Jack Fall 2012

Rory, Finn, Lexi, Aidan & Jack Fall 2012