Frankincense & Myrrh Soap SEASONAL

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This luxurious artisan bar is deep, sweet, and woodsy. Limited Edition
Frankincense & Myrrh are traditionally associated with Christmas in the story of the three Wise Men bearing gifts to the Christ child. These precious oils were valued as much as gold as told in the Christmas story. Not only are pure essential oils used in this soap but also ground frankincense & myrrh.

PREORDER this soap will ship November 1. If you order after November 1 it will ship according to our regular shipping terms.

Our aromatic herbal tea soaps feature beautiful and unique scents and colors from the herbs used in the making of them. Impress your guest with a bar elegantly placed in near your sink.

A minimum 4.5 oz size this is a big bar of soap.

Loaded with Lush ingredients that hydrate, sooth and Pamper the skin! Made with pure, environmentally friendly, vegetable derived ingredients keeping the natural glycerin intact.

All of our bars are hand-cut and allowed to cure 4-6 weeks before being offered for sale. Due to the nature of being hand cut no two bars are alike.