Love Does Small Things Soap

  • $7.00

Love is a little different than our usual offerings in that when you buy a bar we are also donating a bar. This idea was a joint effort with myself and my 9 year old son who is trying to raise money to help the restore international school and go see his work in action. Rory was LOVE in action blending essential oils of Grapefruit, Pine, Anise and Vanilla with Clay for color.

PLEASE leave us a note in the comments section where you want to gift your donated bar of LOVE soap to if nothing is specified within 3 days we will put the extra bar into our donation bin and send it where Rory thinks it could be most useful.

To see more of what Rory is planning and our efforts going forward go check out

Our aromatic soaps feature beautiful and unique scents and colors inspired by the botanicals used in the making of them. Impress your guest with a bar elegantly placed in near your sink.

Using the cold process method of saponification this bar is made from water, high quality vegetable oils, botanicals and steam distilled essential oils of lavender, patchouli, frankincense and bergamot. To add to the beauty of this generous cut bar are buds of lavender are added to the top and swirls of natural oxide color through out.

Loaded with Lush ingredients that hydrate, sooth and Pamper the skin! Made with pure, environmentally friendly, vegetable derived ingredients keeping the natu