Spiced Milk with Honey Soap SEASONAL EDITION

  • $6.00

Its the a well loved tea blend. Now you can love it as a soap! I infused the goat milk with the warming herbs used to make this much loved tea, organic cardamom, organic cinnamon, organic cloves, organic cumin, organic black pepper, organic coriander & star anise for 2 days to really infuse the milk. Then in place of the water I used the infused spiced milk many of the ground herbs went along for the ride as the milk became so thick. I also added a generous amount of honey. Not satisfied with the scent I also added essential oils of cardamom, black pepper & cinnamon to spice it up a bit more. MMMmmm such a warming scent in these cold days of winter! A great Gift! As a SEASONAL EDITION soap once the batch is sold out it won't be made again.

Loaded with Lush ingredients that hydrate, sooth and Pamper the skin! Made with pure, environmentally friendly, vegetable derived ingredients keeping the natural glycerin intact. All of our bars are hand-cut and allowed to cure 4-6 weeks before being offered for sale. Due to the nature of being hand cut no two bars are alike.