Witch Hazel & Aloe Soap

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This luxurious artisan bar will help you relax away with the soothing scent of lavender, and the sophistication of uplifting peppermint. Not only will it nourish your skin but the steam on a hot shower will help release the aroma-therapeutical properties of the botanicals.

Our aromatic herbal tea soaps feature beautiful and unique scents and colors from the herbs used in the making of them.

Impress your guest with a bar elegantly placed in near your sink.

Herbal soaps begin by brewing herbs into a tea slowly over a few hours gently so as to not destroy the properties of the herbs involved. They are then strained and the herbal water cooled. Using the cold process method of saponification this bar is made from the herbal water, high quality vegetable oils, whole herbs, botanicals and steam distilled essential oils of lavender, and peppermint. To add to the beauty of this generous cut bar are lavender buds on top and beautiful rich brown color that came from brewing the Witch Hazel & Aloe.

Loaded with Lush ingredients that hydrate, sooth and Pamper the skin! Made with pure, environmentally friendly, vegetable derived ingredients keeping the natural glycerin intact.

All of our bars are hand-cut and allowed to cure 4-6 weeks before being offered for sale. Due to the nature of being hand cut no two bars are alike.