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If I thought for a minute that March was busy April was even more of a whirlwind. Most of the pictures I have for you today are food based. Apparently I really take that food = showing people how you much you love them to a new level.

We had some AMAZING white “lasagna” I will call it that even though I really used wavy noodles because that’s all that was in the pantry that day OOPS.  It was so YUMMY!

Easter was a quite affair. We invited our great friends Julie & Steve over for dinner. I love that she really loves my kids and they love her.

Julie made the Cuban style pork she made for Christmas Eve again and some banana bread pudding. I made a ham Sweet potatoes two ways (just salt & butter and Cardamom, brown sugar & butter), green beans, cheddar rolls, and cookies. 

See how yummy it all looks. Don’t you just want a bite?

The following weekend was Steve’s CCTI (Chief’s Call To Indoctrination) weekend down in Key West. Julie her Steve were staying at the house with the kids. It also meant that I would completely out of my comfort zone in a dress, heels, makeup and done up hair. Oh and I’d have to eat at a semi formal military event with 100 people I don’t know and do it with style and grace and braces. I lucked out and found an adorable dress. I left around noon and it was my first time driving down the keys. I wanted to pull the truck over 84,000 times to take pictures it was so beautiful, unfortunately for me I was on a deadline to get there in time to finish getting ready before the dinner. I am however really good at driving and just hitting the picture button on my iPhone and totally kicked out with a ton of in focus pictures that look great once the frame of the car window and/or the barriers cropped out.

So I got there and got myself ready. I wish we would have thought to get a picture of us towards the beginning of the night it was so hot that by the end of the night I didn’t feel quite so pretty anymore. Hair was courtesy of some old school pin curls. Those shoes that’s me in FOUR inch heels, MUCH different from my usual footwear.

This is steve and his sponsor Keith (his wife however was on the ball with the pictures thanks so much Brittany), don’t they look great in their uniforms?

Here we are at the very end of the night. Steve looks so happy I’m trying to smile so I don’t look weird or show my braces. I fail.

The next day was our only full day together. An alone day no kids no worries no time table. We walked and walked around Key West. We stopped at the “southernmost point” but I did not want to wait in the over 2 block line to get my picture takes with the faux bouy so I was content with this picture instead.

It was HOT. We rented one of those little electric cars to see some other areas, ironically minutes after we got in our little electric car it started to rain and boy did it get windy.  We headed down to Smather’s beach this little palm tree on the beach was just adorable and you can see how windy it was.

Being stubborn I was determined wind and rain or not to get my toes in the ocean.

As we were heading back to return our little vehicle these kids in the RV ahead of us were cracking me up. Once they saw me pull out the camera they really started hamming it up. I figured if they put that much into their performance the least I could do was share it with the world.

We headed back to our room and discussed dinner options. On our way back we stumbled across this family of  lovely little wild Key West Chickens because I LOVE chickens and have literally been dreaming of owning my own for 7+ years now.

 I really wanted a steak because the dinner the night before left me a little dissatisfied I also didn’t want to walk very far because I’m the girl who tripped while walking earlier in the day and my hip was really sore. We ended up at the Prime Steakhouse. I have to say it was FABULOUS!  I had really wanted a steak so I got the bone in rib eye with the smoked gouda & black truffle mac & cheese OMG! That mac and cheese will be had again someday! I also got the Desperate Housewives Martini. Seriously I really want to go back there for our anniversary.

It was bittersweet the next morning having to head back home. I had to leave my husband behind in Key West, but I was really anxious to get home and see the kids!

I snapped this picture of the old seven mile bridge on the way home using the same technique as I had on the way down. The only downside to this technique is the bazillions of unusable pictures in-between the few good ones.

Somehow after the dinner Steve and I really got talking about tattoos I’ve been on an ink hiatus since our marriage really being pregnant and breastfeeding for most of it. I really got the itch though and couldn’t make up my mind what I wanted so I combined 3 designs made an appointment. You have no idea how shocked I was when Steve made one too. Off we went one Friday evening to Colorfast Tattoos to see David to get some ink.

There was a little bit more awesome woven into our lives in April but I’ll share that with you in a post of its own.

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