Cross Country Moves and Under Responsive Thyroid

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There is so much I want to share with you. So. So Much. I honestly don’t even know where to begin. So I’ll start with this post from a hotel room here in Miami where I am with 3 of my 5 still living at home children. Tomorrow a truck gets loaded with all of our worldly belongings that we won’t be wearing in the next 2 weeks. As I type that it will take 2 weeks until we arrive at our new home I want to just curl up and take a nap. A long, long nap.  We officially don’t leave Miami until the morning of the 4th, and should arrive in Port Angeles, Wa about July 13/14, either way it is still a really long trip with 5 kids, pets, husbands, and me and my health issues.


Health issues? I’ve dropped so many balls lately and I am very truly sorry for any of those caught in the midst of those dropped balls. In addition to the adrenal fatigue I’ve been working on reversing over the past few years I found out about a month ago that my Thyroid isn’t working as it should. I will get more into detail with all of this maybe tomorrow. Right now though its lights out time so I can steal some snuggles and get a good nights sleep before we are spending days upon days driving.

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