Don't trust your scale.

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I’m sure if you have ever been on and weight loss or fitness program ever you’ve heard the words “Don’t trust your scale.” or “Fat weighs more than muscle.” well I want to talk about the validity of the first one. Oh and 1lb of fat weighs the EXACT SAME as 1lb of muscle. “WHAT?” yeah its plain common sense just like 1lb of bricks weighs the same as 1lb of feathers its just the bricks take up a LOT less room they are denser and take up less volume.

Ok now back to that not trusting your scale thing. I’ve been at a weight loss plateau for about 8 months or so. I’ve probably lost and gaine d the same 10 lbs back and forth over the year depending on my exercise and my diet. I’ve been frustrated, I’ve cried, I’ve whined I’ve had a pity party cupcakes included more times than I care to admit. The one thing that I can’t deny is that I’m smaller. I’m down 2 almost 3 pant sizes 1-2 shirt sizes, even shoes fit me better. It is what has kept me going.

About 6 weeks ago now I decided that enough was enough. I was going to jump in with both feet and try the Ultimate Reset Program. I made many many changes did my research and mostly substituted the WHOLE30 food plan and took the reset supplements. I’ve written about that before. I was hoping to jumpstart that weightloss that has been so elusive this past “year”. The first week I lost about 8 lbs on was on top of the world. Week 2 I detoxed HARD, fevers, aches, full body itching, I stopped moving I had been stretching & walking now I slept and was miserable. Week 3 around day 5 or 6 was a planned cheat. Then I came home and PMS hit I was bloated and packed on my typical 5-6 lbs of weight that I do every month. So at the end of the day I only lost about 6 lbs tops.

Yes I was disappointed, until I took my measurements, I lost BIG everywhere. Like 2 inches off my arms and everywhere else. What happened? I don’t really know for sure all I can think of is that my fat cells released a bunch of rubbish and therefore shrunk. I’ll take it. I’m not losing 20 lbs or even 5 a week like a lot of people my size do but I am loosing a pound here and there but I keep shrinking.

Just for comparison here are some comparisons for you I lucked out here because I found an old private blog post with these numbers back from 2009 so I’ll compare them to the numbers I took on April 30 for the start of my current challenge.


So you see I may weight more but I’m lost around 30 inches. Thats pretty substantial and is enough to keep me going for now because I know I will hit the point where the weight just starts coming off and I will not quit because I don’t know if that point is next week or 3 months from now but I can FEEL the progress I’m making.

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