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Look now I’m on posts that are only a month behind. My goal is to get caught up on posts this week you know before July then give you an update at least once a week. Fun right?  One day Finn and I were at the grocery store and instead of a treat at the end he just wanted to ride this plane. He was so good he got to ride twice even!

Then my custom tag for my infinity necklace arrived from Erika. Isn’t it lovely. The inspiration was I remember when I was a little girl my grandmother had a necklace my grandfather had given her and it had a little tag on the back of it with his initial stamped into it. 

Rory lost his first tooth. 

I planned the menu for my birthday party. 

My birthday present to myself arrived. Some Ruby & Vintage Modern Charm Squares. I’m planning 3 in my head Bonnie & Camille quilts using Bliss, Vintage Modern & Ruby all together! 

Then I cooked all day! I totally forgot to take a picture of the chicken before I served everyone. I really need to make this more often it is always a family favorite. The roasted red peppers are hands down always my favorite part.

I couldn’t decide what kind of cupcakes I wanted to I made two. I also thought to pair one of my favorite color combos I’d make tiffany blue icing for the red velvet cupcakes. Then I made Vanilla icing with just a bit of cherry for the vanilla bean cupcakes.

I used my new ice shaving blender from my mom to make my favorite blue margaritas.

As a thank you for coming to my party and celebrating with me I made this strawberry vanilla bean jam I found over on pinterest. I actually need to make more I think the kids have eaten all I made. Guess I’ll grab more berries when I go to the store tomorrow.

I organized my quilting fabrics onto a couple of the shelves in the living room specifically so they would taunt me and I’d think to pull them out more and make some more awesome. I was also inspired after seeing this (scroll down to the sewing room)  post from Camille, in my mind I like to aspire to having  my home filled with lovely quilts like I imagine hers to be. So in the left cube I put all my Bonnie & Camille lovelies. I really can’t believe how far I’ve made them stretch so far with all the projects I’ve made so far.

In the right cube I put the “extra” fabrics from the boys Quilts. If you remember back in January I had cut out most of their quilts already though a few changes were made and adjustments to my math.

Having all those fabrics front and center and after the day at the zoo with my boring uncomfortable camera strap I was inspired to make my own and used this tutorial I found on pinterest of course. I used a little of my bliss and some orange from Jack’s upcoming quilt, and my straps hardware. I still have a great love for orange and aqua together.

While I was working on another project  Finn started painting. He LOVES muppets and he painted us a picture of Kermit.

 So a couple days later we ventured to the mall (gasp) and to Build a Bear Workshop and made him is very own Kermie! Even though the build a bear version has big giant sausage like arms & legs Finn doesn’t care and loves him. As an extra because  Finn had recently noticed that his people & pets have heart beats I gave Kermie a heart beat too.





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